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Irresistible Emery Board

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Anyone else have a cat who just goes crazy over the smell of an emery board while filing your nails. Mine would just go crazy trying to get it off me till i would finally shut them out of the room so I could file my nails in peace. It smells sort of like blood and bone I think, and it drove them crazy. They would unintentionally draw blood to get it. Yet at no other time ever do that. Strange.....
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Jules cannot resist emery boards! He grabs them as soon as I put one down and runs away with it in his mouth. He chews on it if I don't get it away fast enough. Mmm, just what I wanted, cat spit on my emery board.
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Yes I can relate to that. Slobbered up emery boards dont do much for nail filing.

I wondered what they thought they were chewing, but didnt let them get away with it as it probably isnt good for digestion, but that certainly didnt bother them. Could it be the smell or the taste of burnt nail?


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Fred loves them! He wants me to hold them while he chews on them. YUCK!
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I'm not sure why cats love nail filers, but they certainly do!
They love to play with them, and they'll come right up on my lap and try to steal them while I'm using one.
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Spike loves them too... he always starts off sniffing them deeply... it looks like he's going to have one suctioned to his nose! Then the chewing starts, and mommy has to take it away.
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