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Originally Posted by yiplong View Post
can I flush the litter down the toilet or is that going to clog my sewage?
If you're using clumping litter, then no. There is flushable litter available, but I've never used it because I can't use it with our septic system. You should be able to use that if you are on city water. I just scoop everything into zip lock bags and put it in the garbage.

He looks like such a sweetie! Have you noticed in preference in toys? Each of mine (6 ) has their own favorite type, and god forbid one of them can't find "their" toy! It's usually under the couch, entertainment center, refrigerator....gotta love them!
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Bless you for giving Plato a loving, forever home. He's a beautiful cat!
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He is a pretty boy. I'm sorry to hear in one of your other threads that he seems to be having some little problems. I hope you're getting them solved.

I know it's hard for someone who isn't a "cat person" to know just what to do, what to watch for, even how to play or pet a cat. Fortunately, cats are usually pretty much a "self-service" type of pet.

If you have any problems or questions, be sure to ask!

Oh, and there ARE special flushable litters. Many cat owners use clumping litters, because it makes it easier to clean the box every day. But what to do with what you've removed can be a real question. You CAN put it in a zip-lock bag and throw it away, for example.
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Originally Posted by yiplong View Post
Here are some pictures of my new cat, isn't he lovely!

he sure is!
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Looks like a winner to me. As far as the toilet drinking or flushing litter - I'd keep the seat down to discourage him and I would NOT flush the litter, even if it says you can.

Too many plumbing problems over time from people doing that. Someone says (from a plumber) that the only thing that should be flushed is human wastes and thinner toilet paper. The "thick" TP causes more problems.
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