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The Baby to Adult Food Transition

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My kittens are going to be a year old in a couple weeks and it is time to transition them away from kitten food (I can't believe they won't be kittens anymore!) I avoided making a decision for awhile what to feed them and finally decided to keep them on Nutro Natural Choice because they seem to do well on that kitten food. However, now I see that there are more decisions to be made...whether to feed them indoor or regular food (what could be the difference??) and then what flavor. I think I read here before that feeding too much fish to cats can be a UTI risk - does this apply to fish-flavored dry food? (my cats haven't had uti's, but I would not want to do anything to put them at a greater risk of getting them)
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reg is what I recommend ... the indoor is light in fat
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I fed Matilda the Nutro Natural Indoor adult food. The indoor formula has soy in it and the regular doesn't...I think she was/is allergic to the soy. The indoor stuff I think has less fat too (a good thing for lazy Matilda but I wouldn't think it's good for most active cats). I think the "indoor" labeling is a recent development by pet food companies because they know that people respond well to the label. I don't know if it's really that important to be on an "indoor" food.

One thing I do think is different (although I'm not 100% sure) is that the indoor formula is better for hairballs. Matilda never had hairballs when she was eating Nutro Natural Indoor, but now that she eats Natural Balance Green Pea/Duck she gets them all the time.

I would feed them the regular Nutro Natural Adult food (not the fish flavored one).
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Thanks! We're going to be trying the nutro natural choice complete care (regular flavor and non-indoor formula). We'll mix it with the kitten food for awhile. Hope they like it!
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