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Look what we're going to see on Saturday . . .

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We're thinking of bringing this gorgeous puppy home with us - not sure what my 'boys' will think though!! :laughing:
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Awww! Border collie, right?

We have a border collie...he is the nicest dog! Only bad thing is he tries to herd everything. Cats, kids, bugs... lol.
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Awwww..cute little puppy face!

How old is he? He looks like a sweetie!
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Yes, he is a border collie - they think he's going to be smooth-haired rather than have the normal long coat and he's about 7 weeks old at the moment.

A litter of 3 was taken to a dog rescue home in Wales (250 miles from where I live). They think the mum was shot by a farmer because she stole a lamb to feed her pups with - it's so sad. but the dog warden did manage to rescue the puppies, thank goodness.

So we're driving all the way over to see them, and providing he's had all his jabs and is ready to leave the others, we'll be bringing him home with us. I can't wait!!
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Sal - did you get him?

What a sweet looking thing! Shame about the mom though - is that legal? are they going to sue the farmer - if they know who it was.
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We won't know whether we can bring him home on Saturday, until he's had a visit to the vets tomorrow - I really, really hope we can, so keep your fingers crossed for me

Unfortunately, I think farmers have the right to shoot dogs that attack any of their animals, because there's a chance it'll keep killing. It's horrible, but I don't think anyone can do anything about it.
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Aww what a cutie! I've owned a BC/JRT mix pup before. And I can say that I will never OWN a BC again, unless I've got my own house with lots of land, if I had to I would rescue one again though, I can't leave any animal stranded.

I hope you have studied up on this breed! You'll need it!
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Originally posted by AngelzOO
I hope you have studied up on this breed! You'll need it!
:laughing: Yes, we know quite a bit about them as my husband's family has had border collies for years.

We have a house with a garden, which has a park behind it; and as we work for ourselves, we can bring him in to the office/workshop with us, which is in the middle of nowhere, so he won't be left alone for hours on end and he'll have plenty of room to run around.
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Sal: That's so great that you have a home for one of these dogs! At rescue it was always so hard to explain to people who didn't know about the breed, just exactly how much phsycial and mental stimulation this dog HAS to have.

This was our pup named Liam. Sadly he is the only animal I have ever have to give up, but it really was for the best, for everyone, we loved him and he loved us, but in the end, our current home (where we used to live) was not best for him, and he had a elimination issue, one which still remains today, and needed to be rehomed to a place where he had access to the outdoors 24/7 (aka a doggy door). We couldn't provide that for him, so I felt it was inhumane to make him live like that when we could give him something else. We miss him very much, but sometimes you just have to do good things, no matter how much it hurts you. His fur grew out a bit longer as he got older, so he was definetly a rough coat.
He had a broken tail (broken in 2 places) and missing half an ear.

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aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww!! how sweet!!

congrats on your new pet!!
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Puppies usually take to kitties. If yours are anything, like mine, the cats will train the puppy. Rowdy thinks that our two dogs make wonderful cat toys and Opie just avoids them, altogether.

Right now, Ike is trying to get the cat next door, to come over and play. Unfortunately, for Ike, Toby would rather sit next to the fence and tease Ike.
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AngelZ00 - That is one cute pup! It's difficult to make these decisions sometimes, but you just have to do what's right for the animal. I bet you really miss him
I'm really looking forward to taking ours (probably going to be named Jasper) to puppy classes - I'm determined to get him well-trained

Katl8e - I'm really hoping my cats will get on with the pup - they're pretty laid back really, but I know it'll put their nose out of joint for a while. I'll just have to give them twice as many cuddles so they don't feel left out
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Here's my Skippy. He's an old boy now, far from a puppy!

If your dog is anything like him, you're going to want to buy a truckload of dog toys.
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Originally posted by sockiesmom
If your dog is anything like him, you're going to want to buy a truckload of dog toys.
I've already started buying some, but I get the feeling we'll never have enough

Skippy is a great looking dog - your pusscat seems quite happy too!
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Originally posted by Sal
I've already started buying some, but I get the feeling we'll never have enough

Skippy is a great looking dog - your pusscat seems quite happy too!
Socks is happy in that picture because she "got" the table. It's really funny, they seem to have little contests and games of tag to see who gets to lay under the coffee table.

Skipper has us trained - if we go shopping and don't bring him home a toy he goes and mopes for a long time. We usually just bring him little dollar store squeakies, and he's more than happy.

Only weird thing about him is that he can't swim for the life of him. Sinks like a rock. We bought him a doggie lifejacket... it's hillarious to watch him.
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Your so lucky to be able to bring a dog (and such a cute one!) into your household. I would love one, but not enough space!!

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Sal: Yup, we do, terribly! He was MY first adopted dog ever, I've had fosters and lived with other peoples dogs, but I "owned" this one.

We took him to puppy kindergarden too, he loved it! As he's a border jack they were bred for agility, and really nothing else, everyone told me they were a dog that should have NEVER been bred, as some did have a lot of health problems.
He was too young to start any serious agility with him, but we worked on things like jumping over small boxes and polls on the ground as training for full fledge agility when they were as young as him is very bad for their joints. He knew a lot of commands, this wasn't an affectionat dog at all. The only "companionship" you could have with him, was strictly a training/working relationship. They were soo smart, these 2 breeds, so it was a lot of fun, BC's ARE the smartest breed out there. I think JRT's are 5th, or somewhere in the top 10. When we told him to sit he would slam that little butt so quick and hard on the ground! lol

Post more pix of him when/if you can!
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aww, cute puppy!
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I love Border Collies . Ever since Little House on the Praire, Bandit. Just the cutest little dog. *grin*
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How cute! I would love a Border Collie but i know i just dont have the life style or room for one. I have been wanting a pomerainian(sp?) alot lately but i live in a rental unit.
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Sal, I hope you get to bring the puppy home... he's so adorable.
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Hey Sal! Congrats on Jasper! You may want to e-mail Bodlover as she got 2 border collies a few months back and she may be able to give helpful hints on adapting the cats to the puppy!
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<---Thats me feeling very jealous I've wanted a dog for soooo long, but the timing is never right for one reason or another.

However, sucking in my jealousy , I will say that the little guy is simply adorable Congratulations :tounge2:
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I love puppies! I am going to get a german shepherd pup very soon! (to replace sheena who as some of you know went missing 6 months ago. )
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