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my stray passed away

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It was a sad day, she tried but she just couldnt hang in there. Sophia, we found out after numorous expensive vet visits, was older then we thought. We originally thought she was about 8, but we soon learned she must of been 12 or older. I wont go into the details, as some of you have been through it and it was a very traumatic scene this morning. We tried to do a noble thing, take in a stray, make her our own but unfortunatley it was very costly on our pocketbook and our emotions. The vet said she was just under weight and had low kidney output. And she was fine up until the last couple days and then this morning. What really kills us though, she was laying there dying and here in wonderful Las Vegas, evidently if you are the OWNER of the pet, Animal control will not come pick the poor thing up. This was the BIGGEST crock ive ever heard. I lived in L.A. all my life, and had pets die and they would come no questions asked. The animal has to be on the street for them to come. This made our ordeal 10 fold worse, i had to find a shelter to take her to that would take care of her. Today was one of the worst of mine and my girlfriends lives, we tried, we tried to help out this cat and make her our own so our other would have a friend and it came to a very sad and unfortunate ending within 2 weeks. Word of advice, know the rules in your cities for things like this, and i hope none of you have to deal with this, Sophia rest in peace darling, sorry im crying, your in a better place now i hope G-d has greeted you with open arms.
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How terribly sad.

Rest in peace Sophia.
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I'm so, so, so sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to you and your girlfriend.

But your sweet Sophia knew your love in her last weeks, and that's pretty wonderful. Helping kitties to "the Rainbow Bridge" is just as important sometimes. I'm sorry this calling didn't end up in a wonderful pet you got to love on for many years. But she was loved and cared for her last weeks on earth, and that is an even harder job sometimes.

RIP, sweet Sophia.

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You did a very sweet and noble thing, out of love, and you learned that with love comes attachment, and with attachment comes grief. Don't let it scare you away from helping another kitty; it sounds like you'd be a wonderful pet parent.

As to disposing of the body, usually a vet has a ways of disposing of them, and personally, we have a favorite dogwood tree on our property in Arkansas that has a number of past furry loved ones buried under it.
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