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Sad news

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I knew it was coming but I was hoping that wouldn't come to this . Nathan will need another surgery to put shunts in. They are scheduling his surgery soon but I don't know the date yet.
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for everything to go fast and smooth.
Wishing him a speedy recovery.
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I'm so sorry.... Do you know when they have to do it and how long the recovery will be.
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I know it will have to be soon because he has alot of fluid around his brain. He is having seizures because of the fluid.
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for Nathan.

I guess I associate shunts with the heart. What do they do with the brain?
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The shunts will help remove all the excess fluid from his brain.
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Here's some more I hope that it goes well
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Poor little guy... sending many good thoughts for an easy operation...
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I am so sad that your and his oredeal is not yet over. Good vibes for a speedy recovery.
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I hope everything goes ok for him, sending prayers from Mississippi for ya'll.
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Aww that poor baby
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Oh hon, you and Nathan are in my thoughts and prayers.
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