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This lady

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just called my cell phone and I didn't recognize the # but answered it anyway. So, I say hello and she goes hey there. I said hey back and she just starts yacking away. So I interrupt and politely ask who I'm speaking to and she says "This is Debbie, you know, your friend from down the street." I'm like you have the wrong number. She said sorry and hung up real fast. People sure are funny.
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LOL! i bet she felt a plonker afterward's!
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I remember a roommate friend doing something similar to that (years ago). I picked up and she just started yacking away.

I said "Hold on you want Liz..."
Later on Liz told me she claims that Liz and I sound alike Liz had a higher pitch voice than i did...

It's funny how people are so assuming....
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Sometimes I will misdial when I call my sister and its always the same number that I get wrong. This guy answers and as soon as he does I know I dialed wrong yet again He must be used to me by now
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I remember when I was in grade school, I had to get a story about one of my parents when they were my age, so I called my Grandmother. She was so happy to hear from me! We chatted for 10 minutes about how my parents are, how school was...finally I asked her for a story about my mom. There was a long pause. She finally asked my name, and when I told her she asked to speak to my mom. Here, I dialed the number wrong and was speaking to a complete stranger, but she told my mom I made her day because her grandkids never call her.
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That's funny
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some people are so used to dominately a conversation they don't care who they are talking to I gues *smile*
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We have caller ID at home, so if I don't know the name, I don't answer. For numbers that I do not recognize on my cell phone, I say hello in a tentative matter so the person gets the idea that they might have gotten the wrong number. They then say who they are without launching into a long conversation. Tentative is the key.
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a few months ago i had a guy who called me at least three times a day on my cell looking for his drug dealer. The first time he did this he just started chatting away about how good that last stuff was, how high he got and how he wanted more but needed a front until he got some cash. When i interupted and told him he had a wrong number he said "no, this is the right number, its the one i wrote down, i know this is mikes number, dont play games with me" i said no its not, then he asked "well do you know mike, he lives at 21st and yale, can you run get him for me?" I told him i didnt know mike, i wasnt in tulsa and he needed to not call back. The first time i found it a bit humorous, after that it got kinda irritating, so i finally forwarded my calls to the police department and after getting that number a time or two he quit calling!
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i used to get calls on my cell phone all the time for someone named Mike brown or something like that, but it was mostly when i just got it about 2 yrs ago.. but 5 months ago i got a call from this girl who was asking for him, i told her that she had the wrong number & that i always get calls for this person, in a POLITE way. at the time, my friend was over & we were watching something on tv. well after i told the girl she had the wrong number, she started getting nasty, and yelling. asking me who i have over my house laughing at her & insisting i had her on speaker, which i didnt. i was like ???? "excuse me but this is my phone, my house, its only me, my friend & my bf, no one was laughing at you ok, goodbye!" then i hung up. well not even 5 mins later she calls back, still screaming, sayin she knows mike is there, & she wanted to talk to him NOW. & i said "LOOK, dont call my phone getting nasty with me, I DONT KNO THIS PERSON YOUR TRYING TO REACH!" then she really started to scream, tellin me not to get an attitude with her, so i told her she was getting an attitude with me. then she said, i can find out by this # where u live & ill come there & beat me up so i laughed at her & said well then do it im not scared of anyone. & hung up. then she called back & said she knew i was lying & demanded that i put this mike on the phone. then i started to get really nasty, & told her to i didnt kno who she was talking about. she kept threatening to come to my house & beat me up, & i just kept telling her to come on, do what you want, & hanging up. she kept callin back being delirious (sp?), so eventually i threatened to call the police & give them her # & tell them that she was threatening me. she stopped calling & i never heard from her again.
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My DH got a racy text on his cell by mistake once.
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Since the day we moved into our current house, which has been over 10 years now, we've gotten calls for another person. But they're not their friends calling, it's things like banks, businesses, employers, etc. Whoever it is just uses our number when they don't want to give out their own number.
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