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Shampoo review: biogroom

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So I got my biogroom shampoos in the mail this week and decided to give them a try. Because I have three types and three cats, I used one on each.

I have: Kuddly Kitty (KK), Silky Cat (SC), and Purrfect White(PW).

I used the Purrfect White on Niles (light red tabby SH), the Kuddly Kitty on Frazier (black/white), and the Silky Cat on Toby (brown tabby).

I used a standard bath procedure, wetting all cats down, soaping them up, rinsing (about twice as long as I soaped them up), rinsing with a vinegar rinse, then rinsing again.

I'll rank them in the following catagories on a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the best.

1. Smell in bottle (all had the same, light scent...can't really describe it)
All: 8

2. Tearless
KK Yes
SC Yes

3. Ease of rinsing (same for all, easily rinsed out, no "residue")
All: 9

4. Coat feel right after bath
KK 7 Felt somewhat dry
PW 7 Felt somewhat dry
SC 8 Not as dry feeling

5. Coat feel after drying
KK 8 Least soft of all and seemed to strip more oils from the coat, but
still far better than any other cat shampoos I've used.
PW 9 Not as soft as SC, but still very smooth and not dry feeling
SC 10 very smooth and soft (softest that I've ever felt this cat)

6. Coat "sheen" after drying
All: 9 Shiny, not "gleaming", but you can tell that it didn't strip all the oils from the coat.

7. Smell on cat after bathing/drying
KK 8 More smell left than PW, but not very smelly
PW 7 not much of the shampoo scent left
SC 8 about the same as KK

Overall I was very happy with the way that biogroom performed. Ease of rinsing and non-offensive odor were great. Plus, the fact that it didn't overly strip their coats of oils was a big plus. With other shampoos I've used it's taken the cats DAYS for their coats to feel soft again (instead of just the dry/clean feeling). With these it just took about 2 hours for them to fully dry and their coats were softer than they were before bathing.

I'd highly reccomend this shampoo line. Now if only they came in different fragrences.

FYI, I'm not sure on how the purrfect white effected nile's color, if at all. But it did make his coat look better.

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Did you use conditioners on them? If not, it may be a good option especially for the ones with drier coats.
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No, didn't use any on them...The shampoos supposedly "condition while they clean".

I wan't sure if a conditioner might be too much on a short-haired cat or not.

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Originally Posted by artgecko View Post
No, didn't use any on them...The shampoos supposedly "condition while they clean".

I wan't sure if a conditioner might be too much on a short-haired cat or not.

Well, as you probably know... my expertise is not in short haired cats. (Even though I love them too!) But I was just thinking since a couple of them seemed to end up with their coats a bit dry, it might help.
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Get a conditioner and super dilute - in other words maybe 1:20 proportions or one tablespoonful of conditioner to one cup of water. Alternatively, you could try omitting the vinegar rinse and see what happens. I personally don't vinegar rinse, my cats hate it!
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I used the Biogroom Ultra Black on the Maine Coon kitten for the first time this weekend. I also used a very diluted creme rinse and then a vinegar rinse last. The results were really good, except that there were white specks in her coat despite the tons of rinsing I did! I was able to brush the majority of the specks out and luckily the judges at the cat show we were in this weekend didn't notice them. Several of the judges commented on how good her coat felt or how well-groomed she was. I am not sure if it did much to enhance her coat color as she has always been very blue-black with no red tones, although she was looking a bit grey lately from all the dust she collects underneath the furniture! I don't think it added much shine but her kitten-coat's texture doesn't really lend itself to shining.
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I'd use a separate conditioner too and use the vinegar rinse to make sure all soap is out of the coat.
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TY for the ideas and recs. I might go with a conditioner next time around... 4 days post-bath and their coats are much more oily (about normal) so a conditioner might make them too oily... That said, the light/fresh scent of the shampoo is still hanging around on all three cats which is good. The last cat shampoo I used, the scent was gone less than 1 day after a bath.

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Conditioner should not make it oily - its to keep from drying out too much. But if you use the vinegar rinse on them after the shampoo, that should help get all the soap out.
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My cats don't get oily and I don't notice a scent either

I do use a finishing spray, it can also be used as a conditioner when rinsing but I just spray it on the night before shows and buff them with a silk scarf.
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We use Infusions by Hartz for our kitties. Angel's a short haired and Tiger is a long haired. It's a conditioning shampoo for cats and kittens with hairball protection. I think we got it at our local food store but it works great! Their fur always comes out very clean but soft and we haven't had any dry skin problems. Think you'll be able to add that to the list of things to try too?
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