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Ok I know this is the cat site but I had to share this pic! This is my yellow lab! He is 2 and weighs 110 pounds! Nothing but a big baby!
Just today he came running in the house looking for kitty and when he found her he started cleaning her! I was shocked! She normaly will let him near her but never stayed still for him to lick her! What I find even more odd about it is that Nukem was not raised as a pup around a cat! We have only had kitty for 3 months and she will not let any of my other dogs any where near her! She is an adult for those who are new and is due to have a litter of kittens soon! She is my rescue kitty! I have a total of 4 dogs and the other three equal the weight of Nukem! Well I hope you find this picture as cute as I do!
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Ash, he is beautiful!

Dogs are great and how fabulous that he gets
along with your kitty!

He looks like a big bundle of joy!
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what a precious boy he is!

I loved how the picture was cut out to look like a house :flash:
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Ash: Nukem is welcome here anytime!

who wouldn't love a face like that?
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Aw! Thanks! He is my big baby! I think it is unbelievable how Nukem and Lilly get along! She is nesting now! It will be soon! I am so looking forward to having kittens around! I think Nukem knows she is going to have them! He has to be the most sensetive dog I have ever had! This is a pic of Nukem's sister! Her name is Molly but she gets called she devil all the time! She has always been hyper! Beautiful isn't she?
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