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What's the weather like where you live?

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I'm from Israel so it's our usual mild winter over here. A bit of rain from time to time, but generally warm and sunny.

What about you? I heard that there were some serious storms in the US these past few days. And I know that some of our members live in Australia, where it should be hot and sunny this time of year...
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To most I am sure it is pleasant and cool. I am a native Californian, so I am freeing my toosh off. We had that big storm come through here, but because I am on the coast we only got about 3 inches of snow. Just enough to make life very slippery and messy. Hopefully someone is warm and cozy!!
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i live in Delaware and boy were we lucky--last weekends snow storm missed us. most of the northeastern states got it bad. its cold-probably the coldest its been in 5 years.
Especially windy--I built a makeshift shelter back by my storage barn for the cats that are out there. It breaks my heart that they are out in this kind of weather. People believe because cats have fur they can handle the cold weather. Truth is cats love to be warm. They will lie close to a fireplace or any heat source. Sammy my manx sleeps on the range(its a gas range,the top is always warm--oh well the sun will come out tomorrow.
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I live in Toronto, Canada. I'm bloody freezing!!!! Usually Buffalo gets all the snow and we enjoy somewhat moderated temperatures. Not so this year!! I don't remember having this much snow and deep persistant cold, since I was a kid! The local ministry claims to have used up almost all it's snow removal buget for the year already!!!
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Wow, makes me shiver just thinking about you poor Americans
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Hey, I think that we Canadians are poor-er, right Harriet?

I'm quite close to you - in Kitchener. I think we get a more snow here than in Toronto though, becasue Kitchener is in the "snow belt" that goes roughly through London, Woodstock, Kitchener and then down to Niagara. It seems like it's been continuously snowing here since Late November (okay, so that's an exaggeration but we have been getting a check of a lot of snow!)
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This Iowa weather this winter is really awful!!! We have had snow, snow, and snow!!!! It is piled way up high on each side of the road, and sometimes the piles are so big you can't see if somethings coming the other direction when you go to pull out. It's awful. And Coooooold!!!!!! Brrrrr.
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