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The right cat/dog combo

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Couldn't come up with a title, but figured that will be eye catching.

I have decided that our 15 pound poodle mix would probably do well with a cat. She watches all the stray/free roaming ones that come into our yard with interest, but not aggression. She will walk right up to the neighbors cat.

Anyway, I know there are cats on occasion that do not like other cats. I imagine each case would be individual, but can these cats as a rule do ok with dogs?

Our dog is fairly laid back. I am thinking a laid back cat would fit in alright.

Then we have to figure out the litterbox issue. As in allowing the cat in, yet keeping the dog out.

I guess I should edit this to explain why we would want a cat that does not like other cats. We would like to have one cat. It seems unfair to have one that would miss the company of another cat. Also, this way a cat that would have trouble being placed in a multi cat home would have a chance.
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my cats so far hate dogs. but the only dog they have encountered is a hyper chow/gsd mix . i will be adding dogs into the family though so they better get used to the idea. as long as you have a dog safe place for the cat to run to, i think all will be fine. they might love each other, respect each other or hate each other but as long as they dont kill each other i consider that a good thing.
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Thanks for the response. I was editing at the same time you were posting. We both really like the big kitties. So, it is quite possible the cat we get will be as large as our dog LOL. Either way, the cat will have a safe place to go for sure.
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well if you're worried about multispecies, i have my rabbits, rats and cats living semi-harmoniously together. semi because my rats like to pick on my cats lol. i could have them all out at the same time without fear of one getting hurt. (though i rarely if ever do just because trying to keep them a tab on all of them at once is hard lol)
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a good shelter should be able to tell you if the cat gets along w/dogs.
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I have an older black lab who tolerates my cats very well (he will only growl if they get in his face) but one of my cats just loves him. It is funny because he completely ignores the cats, and Isabel especially will follow him around like a little groupie. She rubs up against his legs and chin, she loves to flop down next to him on the floor..she just loves dogs. I feel bad for her because he doesn't return the love, but there are dog-loving cats out there.

I keep my litterbox in a room with one of those door wedges - it is wedged open far enough my cats can squeeze in, but the dog can't. It may be tougher with a little dog. Same with food - you may have to rig up something high up where the cat can jump, but the dog can't.
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Right now there are three large dogs at my feet and three cats laying around the room in various places. They play or ignose each other in various combinations.
Just expect to give it some time and it should be fine.
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I'm sure if you look at Petfinders or ask at the local shelters, they can match up a dog loving cat for you. There are many cats out there that would probably be better if they were only cats or live with a dog.

Ling could be that type (but I'm not looking to place her ) She gets along better with the dog and really doesn't like Charlie. Took her over 6 months to accept him and I know she would rather hang out with the dog more then Charlie.

We'll be getting another Oci next spring, so then Ling can be happy.
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I have 2 cats a 2 dogs. My cats and dogs don't play together but they do get along. When one of them is sick all my other animals take turns laying down with wich other sick animal it is.

My little dog got fixed a few days ago, so my 2 cats have been rotating sleeping next to him. My doberman just lays down across from Thumper.
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If you dog hasn't been around cats, maybe you can foster or something first to see? I would also try to get a cat who has been in a home with dogs and likes them.
I think any dog can be "cat friendly" although you need to be more careful with breeds who tend to have high prey-drives. However I have a Rat Terrier mix (mixed with other terrier breeds!) who has a very very low prey-drive and he is just fine with cats.
My Golden Retriever is another breed which can have a high prey drive, and she does love to chase squirrels or other animals which run away when outdoors, but she seems to understand the difference between a wild animal and a pet and she never tries to chase pets, even if they run from her. She LOVES cats and pretty much all other animals, she just wants to be friends with them! She has a number of 'cat friends' including several of my friends' cats, and has also been 'friends' with ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, rats, and even a donkey! She is very calm, laid-back and VERY tolerant so she just gets along with everyone.
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We have always had both cats and dogs none of ours have ever bothered each other much. We have had a Min. Schnauzer, multiple mutts, 4 great danes and a shihtzu. The Shih tzu did the best but I think she thought she was a cat... the danes were pretty good after they were out of the puppy stage. And the mutts werent too bad for the most part. Some of them would chase the cats but not too often.
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