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what do you guys think??

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Here is my litter made out of clay :LOL: ugh my website store is supposed to open today!! and i'm not done yet. It's 3am hopefully i will have it open by 9...should have given myself more time!

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Those are awesome! You are very talented! When it opens, I will be there!
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WOW! They are superb!!!
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I think you are quite talented! And I still think you should run an ad in our newsletter MeowMews!
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thanks guys!!

it think i will do an add i have more cat stuff done then i thought. I just have to make a speical part with all the cat stuff on one page. I am so tried, my html is going to all screwy :LOL: well back to work....
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Hi Val! I think you are a very creative lady, makes me very aware of my own lack to talent. The good thing is that you are using that talent and not wasting it. What I want to know is where on earth do you get the time.

Well Done Val.

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Don't work and don't have kids yet :LOL: So that gives me time Although my husband has been really missing me this week. :LOL: i was building the website, making the clay stuff, and taking the pics. Oh and i made business cards... ugh i forgot to design my letter head.... eh i'll do that when i wake up :LOL:

well it's 5:40 so i'm going to crawl into bed and try to get some sleep. I the store is open if anyone wants to take a peak. If you see anything odd let me know because i was dozing off towards the end :LOL: Night all!My website
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Wow Wonder Wommmmaaannn

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Also Hope your first day is a good one.

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I love those figurines !!!
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OMG I love them!!!!!

how much will they be going for?
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They are so cute! Way to go!

Good luck with your website. I have been working on BF's for over a year and I hate HTML. I would call it a labor of love, but the moods I get into when I am trying to make it work can make me pretty unlovable!
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Those are SOOO cute!
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I'm having a grand opening sale! the angel kitties are 8.50 (the wings are expensive) and the other kitties are 7.50. And shipping is free I really love the angel kitty, i think i'm going to make myself an orange tabby one when i get a chance :LOL:
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They are amazing!
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Your website looks really good! You are very talented too.
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