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Update: Ferals without much hope

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Just had to come and post even though I am exhausted beyond belief.

On Wed, and Thursday DH and I successfully trapped and had spayed/neutered 30 Feral Cats. 16 Females and 14 Males. ($40 for Males and $80 for females) We did 17 the first night and 13 the second night. They did the first 17 in three hours! We had to have them there by 4PM each day. The second night DH had to make an additional 3 trips as I caught 3 more, one at a time after he originally left, LOL He was on the road a lot!!

Our TNR bill $1,840 for vet, $91. to build drop trap, 4 live traps $223., 4 pet taxi's $56 and the gas to run back and forth to the vet's office. Our vet is going to let us pay on it over time. They were also all ear tipped. From our infomation on the cats that we have been gathering over time we missed 2 Females. One got away while being transfered from the drop trap to the crate and the other never showed until Friday Night. We will try and catch those 2 in a few weeks after things settle down. Our vet said he will do them at the same cost and fit them in the days schedule. All of them survived and were released yesterday.

DH built a 8ft.x 8ft. by 2ft. high drop trap with a shoot. The shoot allowed us to place them into the carriers. Most all of the cats were trapped in there one by one. (We let the cats eat and play around in there for over a week before hand, that idea worked well so we found out) DH rigged a draw string into our back door. He did a wonderful job on the drop trap it worked flawlessly. Hungry cats could not resist! We also used 4 live traps, and they worked well overnight. 2 of the males we trapped were 22lbs. and 25lbs. Gorgeous LH's but wow were they like wild Tigers.

Currently we held 7 young cats that are quite tame in our bedroom downstairs, along with 2 Feral Kittens about 4-5 months old. I'm going to try and rehome the 7 and work with the 2 wild ones. What are my chances of rehoming them? Do you guys think it's worth trying to do or should I just let them out? Very gorgeous kittens all of them.

This whole experience was amazing, exhausting and most of all rewarding. We are so happy that these guys will now not reproduce.

AND a BIG THANK YOU to all of you, the knowledge and help from this forum was exceptional. We could not have done this without all the info here.

OHHH and one more thing, Wed. morning when we began, one of the semi-Feral Females was delivering kittens in a crate in the rafters of our garage!!! Unreal. We had to secure the old dog crate, (we needed that for transport too!) cover it with blankets and of course try and find another crate to borrow. Our vet did gather us up 6 crates to use, and we bought and borrowed the rest. This am, when Mum was outside, I crawled up a ladder to look and there are 6 babies. They are doing really well from the looks of them! More rehoming to do in a few months. I'm gonna write a book I think, LOL or maybe not!
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Our TNR bill $1,840 for vet, $91. to build drop trap, 4 live traps $223., 4 pet taxi's $56 and the gas to run back and forth to the vet's office.

But what you did for those cats is PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Bless your hearts.
That is a lot of money, but it's a lot of money well spent!
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Money well spent, and how. No more reproducing, starving, malnourished cats, fighting toms and suffering queens...

I am in *awe*. That's alot of work - I have done 12 cats at my colony, and started out with 20. I lost 4 along the way to cars and the highway.

I had 16, and then lost a few of those, down to 14. Of those 12 are done, just 2 left to go!!! YES! But its taken me a year almost to do this. I started in August last year, and I'm just barely finished now, as spring begins...3 to 4 cats per weekend, or as many as I could net, sometimes only 1 or 2!

But I'm clear for NO MORE KITTENS! All but one female fixed!!!

I managed to extract 17 cats/kittens from the site
BEFORE and during this TNR campaign. And I took 2 home
to live with me.

So yes, this is SO worth it. God bless you in a huge way...
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You need to change the title of the thread! Ferals with LOTS of hope!

What an amazing update! You two (and your vet!) are totally awesome. That was a lot of work and a lot of effort all the way around - but most importantly - CONGRATULATIONS!

With the 4-5 month old ferals, my guess is that it'll take anywhere from 3 - 8 months of work to socialize them before they're ready to be adopted into a new home - and even then, I'd send them along with some instructions, because they will likely be scared in a new territory. But I think they're young enough that you should be able to do it successfully if you have the time and patience.

Do you need some links to threads discussing socialization?

However, if they're around the kittens and any tame cats that interact in a trusting way with you, they may come around quicker. You just never know.

to both of you!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow, god bless you for your fantastic work, a lot of money and effort, but such a wonderful thing for the cats.
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Wow, what an amazing thing you've done. Truly an for those kitties.
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Thank you All for the kind words....

Our Vet's and their Staff cannot believe that we undertook this all and think that we are special people. We think that these cats are the 'special ones'. It is never the fault of the innocent but always seems they are the ones to suffer. All of the expense was most certainly 'Priceless'. Anyone can find the means to do something if they desire it enough. Between our tax rebate check and some money from my DH's small inheritance there will be enough to pay the bill. We are also going to loan out the traps, carriers and drop trap to others if needed. Once rested up, going to visit the local Humane Associations and offer these things to anyone asking for help. All of it is 'A Good Thing'

We were so concerned that it would not ever become a reality because of the lack of finances/resources, etc. We are glad that we hung in there. What a relief.

The Ferals are not quite sure they are 'Thankful' or 'Relieved' at the moment, but little do they know is that once the healing is complete their lives will be so much better! This morning some of them actually showed up for breakfast. They looked to me as if they are doing just fine. And were they ever hungry!!!
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