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just a little annoyed, need to vent

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I am currently renting a house, instead of living alone, which I didnt want to do, I offered to let my best friend stay with me rent free, her parents were going to be moving out of town so she either stays with me or goes to Washington and leaves everything behind.

So we have been living together since December, everything has been fine, sometimes little things annoy me, but thats normal in a roomie relationship.
Oh and she has a dog too.

So lastnight I was really tired from cleaning the house ALL day, so I went to bed early. My roomie told me she was going to go out with one of her friends. Around 3am Im woken up by her dog barking like mad, I figure he heard her come home and he started barking, but she was lingering outside for about 5 minutes, the whole time her dog was barking like crazy, I was SO pissed! I dont like being woken up. I jumped out of bed and yelled at her dog to "SHUT the bleep UP", he did, for a minute, then it started agian and just as abruptly it stopped.(during this my dogs just kept sleeping on the bed) So Im laying in bed now pissed, angry so I cant go back to bed, and since I went to bed early I was really annoyed thinking I wouldnt be able to go back to bed, so 15 minutes later I start drifting off to sleepland, and I hear someone hitting the button on there car alarm. (I sleep with my window open and its located right over the driveway) Then I hear voices, agian I know its my roomie and her friends, I can hear her voice, they arent screaming but I can totally hear them. So 20 minutes later I finally start falling asleep agian, then I hear that damn car alarm beep agian and then this time the car alarm actually goes off!

I was so pissed at this point, Ive been up since 3 am because of the dumb barking dog, then because of her friends and their stupid need to hit the button on their car alarm, its almost 4 am by now, UGH!

I feel if you live with people, especially if your not paying rent and someone is doing you a favor, if you come home at 3am, you do not bring people back with you! Its one thing if your come home around 11 or 12 and u want to still hangout with people, but 3am?! And the dog, I know she heard him barking, he was really loud, why didnt she run in and take care of that.

Im so annoyed still that Im starting to really dislike her dog! I feel bad, Im an animal lover big time, I have dogs, love them! But my dogs are used to the routine of the house, they dont bark like that, they have manners, this dog never had manners so the barking last night really put me over the top. This isn't a BAD dog by any means, but his owner lets him get away with stuff I wouldn't let me dogs get away with.Part of me wants to ask her, that next time she goes out at night, if she can please put him in her room, cause if it happens agian I might go crazy!

UGH soo sorry, I just had to vent!!!!
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It sounds like they had been drinking and really didn't care if they woke you or anyone else up. I think you should have a talk with your roomate.
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It is rude whether someone is paying rent or not. And why isn't she paying rent? I can see letting someone do that (stay with you free) for a week or two, in a pinch, but since December? I'm assuming she's an adult. She should be paying you rent or doing all the house cleaning for you!
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I agree about talking to your her about her behaviour.

Also, I think she is taking advantage of you. You say she moved in 4 months ago? Well, she should be paying some rent, or room and board. She isn't your romantic interest (at least that is what I get from your post), she is just your platonic friend who needed a place to live.

Living with you rent free is ok for maybe a month until she gets her feet grounded IE: a job, but if she can afford to go to the bar and have a dog, she obviously has some kind of cash flow, so she should should be taking on her share of the financial obligation of where she is living.

You aren't her parents, you are a friend. Tell her that she's had ample time to get her poop in order and that you need to talk to her about her contributing her share of money to the house, utilities, food etc.
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