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Kitty wont poop in box

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hi i have a 13 week old male bengal here is his problem he will try and poop in the box the first time then if he cant get it on the first try he goes in between the couch and the wall. what can i do to get him to poop in his box...maybe a covered box?
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It sounds like he feels insecure. A covered box will probably solve his problem. Some of my cats won't used a box with no cover. They need their privacy too!
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Hi there Boost.

I have a question... what do you mean by his first try? Is he having problems climbing into the box? It might be too high for him. If that's not the issue, it might be that he wants more privacy, so a covered box might help. Also, you might want to keep him in one room (such as a bathroom) with his food in one area, his bed in another, and his litterbox in yet another. Since cats don't like to potty where they eat or sleep, he should head to the litterbox to do his business. I had the same problem with Spike when I first brought him home. I had no idea I should keep him in one room, and had him running all over the house... I think he just forgot where the box was.
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A cat will not usually poop or pee if his litter box is not in a private, quiet place. If it happens to be near noise, he will leave the area and poop elsewhere.

I assume you have had him vet checked recently? I would also suggest you add a second litter box a little bit away from the first. Most cats prefer to pee in one box and poop in the other. See if that solves your problem.

A bengal kitty! How lucky you are!
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When you said he can't poop on his first try....is it possible that he is constipated? If so, he might associate the pain of a hard poop with the litter box and so he goes behind the couch because the box makes him think of painful poops. Are the feces hard and dry? If so, a little laxatone or other hairball medicine each day can help.
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