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new pix of Wellington and Biscotte

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They like to lie on my library table when I am at the computer. But obviously Wellington felt some grooming was necessary and Biscotte loved it!

As soon as they felt the camera on them they were back on their dignity!

It is amazing how small Biscotte still is - I know Wellington is a very big cat but she is tiny against him, though she is now 18 months old.
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Wow! They are both lovely looking cats. I like the second pic which makes Wellington look almost like a big white Cougar
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That's the first thought that came to my mind too, he looks like a big white cougar! Very dignified of course.
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Beautiful kitties.
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That's adorable, Wellington really took to Biscotte
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Biscotte lucked out getting into your barn. So did Wellington.
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They are adorable!
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They are so sweet. I love the second picture where Biscotte has her front paw casually laying upon Wellington's leg. Makes me think of an old married couple.
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Yes, that was my thought too. They are totally at ease with each other.
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Awww, such cuties.
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So beautiful, Jenny. Wellington seems to have found someone to fill that hole in his heart.
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I love that one! You should frame it and put it on your wall.

They do love each other
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They are so incredibly cute together. I have always adored Biscotte - she has such a pretty, petite face and body - she looks like a real little lady.
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they are both very gorgeous!
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Lovely, Jenny. They are so sweet together.
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What a pair of cutie's
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They are both gorgeous! Nice pix!
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Their eyes are even the same color!!
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awww!!!! they are just sooo cute together!!!
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Oh, they look so sweet together. Like they are one kitty in two bodies.
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I love seeing pics of these two!
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Jenny, it's been a long time since I've seen pics of any of your kitties - but WOW what pictures! My heart just melted. Biscotte is just so petite and SO adorable. She really looks sooooooo soft. And Wellington - how absolutely wonderful to see him snuggling and loving with her! He is breath-takingly gorgeous. I'm just busting to see them both looking so beautiful and so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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