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Toffee and Molly!

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I just was digging around and found a few photos of my old cats Toffee and Molly.

In early 2007/late 2006 Molly was attacked by a dog next door who had jumped the fence and gotten into our courtyard. The dog was honestly just trying to play. Molly was a manx, and, like most other manxs had a very saggy stomach. He picked her up by the stomach and shook. Unfortunately our beautiful girl had a very slow and prolonged death. The dog was not put down, at our request, for those interested.

Toffee is the black one - the photos aren't very good but he was actually more of an auburn colour. He escaped when we moved house in 2002, and had a very long journey trying to find our old house. We found him, very close to our old house, about a year later. He had become quite feral, but we took him in and he escaped again, we have no idea how. In 2007 I found him again. He was living with a family, a few doors down from the house he went to find in the first place. He came to me and snuggled with me, but wouldn't let any other stranger pet him. He's happy at his new home... I didn't want to put him through the stress of moving again. He is alive and doing well, and I see him from time to time. We got both cats from the RSPCA in 1999 or 2000...

There is also a pic of Tobi when he was just a little kitten.. He was tiny!

Sorry about the bad quality, obviously my scanner isn't too great.




I'm not sure if some of the image resizing worked... eek!
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Awww bless them, it's nice to look back isn't it
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For Molly. Really glad Toffee is ok, thats great
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aww! i love looking back at old picture's!
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