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Very Bad Things (1998)

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I realized I had a copy of this laying around and I hadn't gotten around to watching it, so here's the small write up.

Very Bad Things is a dark comedy that takes several twists and turns along the way. A group of five men decide to go to Vegas for a bachelor party, and while they are there one of them accidentally kills a "lady of the night". Now, the movie takes a decided turn from other dark comedies and goes right for the jugular. People start dieing at an alarming rate in this movie, and it gets more and more graphic and terrible as the film unfolds. If it were simply based on the group of men this film wouldn't be worth watching. However, it has one saving grace. Cameron Diaz. She plays the ultimate Bridzila. Her part, too brief and too short, is very well done. She has amazing comic timing, and really pulls the film out of the gutter of trash and raises it to half way decent.

Is this worth the rental? Perhaps. But, make sure you check the shelves before you walk out with this one in hand. There are much better movies out there.
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I saw this a long time ago and it was waaaay out there! it was insane how one thing after another kept happening
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