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albino cat?

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his eyes away look like that my hubby thinks he is albino he is completely snow white, but he has blue eyes(the iris) and his pupils are pink. Underneath his fur his skin is bright pink
Can any give my info it find out for sure. and are there any health problems he may get? Problems with sun light? His eyes were pink when he open frist open them.

Capser in his new Collar
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You have a Recessive white albino. Their retina becomes pink, for blood vessels appear through it. That's why your kitties eyes are always red like that. Most Albino cats are deaf, can your cat hear you when you call his name?
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hi Crazy-Cat-Lover. Yes he hears but not as good has his sister. Can he go deaf as he gets older? He will be 5mos. on the 23 of March.
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Your baby would've been born deaf. So he'll probably hear forever!

You can do this test just to make sure!

Deaf kittens ride on the vacuum cleaner and mew at full volume. When testing for hearing deficiencies, you have to avoid giving any visual clues, What you are looking for is a kitten who can't hear as well as the others, doesn't respond to high pitched sounds or doesn't immediately turn its head towards the source of the sound.

Let me know how he does !
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he hears when I turn on the can opener and call his name of a other room. But asks like he can't hear we he did some wrong like bite me or his sister or tell him no he can't jump on my lap or no he can't eat the birds. I think he just has a hard head. How about sunlight? I read it's not good to let him in the sunlight.
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Make sure that he is protected from extreme sunlight - both for his eyes and his skin. A little bit of sunlight is okay, are you planning on letting him outside, or does he like to lay in the window?
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kash, your kitty is adorable! What is his name?

As for if he's albino... *I* think he looks it, but I really have no knowledge in that area. But a white cat with pink eyes sure sounds like it.

And it sounds to me (again, not an expert), that your little guy is not deaf. And his hearing may not even be bad... he might just have what Spike does... which is "selective hearing"... only hearing what he wants to hear!

I'm sure one of our more knowledgeable members will be able to help you out with the sunlight question if he is an albino.
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What a beautiful kitty, and not to worry, he cannot be deaf. It is blue-eyed white and pale blue eyed albinos that are deaf. His eyes carry no pigment whatsover, which is why they are such a bright red.

You can get sunscreen from your vet to put on him if he likes to lie in the sun. Their faces are very vulnerable. My friend has an albino cat, and as early as when she was a kitten, Marci got her used to wearing visors. So now, when she lays in the sun, her eyes are protected. Marci also learned to dim the lights when the cat was in the room, and that made it much easier for the both of them.
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What a beautiful white cat. I love that spike collar collar on him. Hes got attitude! Kool Kat! Try posting that pic in the lounge,there are others who would enjoy it there. I dont know much about albino cats other than they are prone to sunburn on their ears and noses.
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He's not deaf, he's just got selective hearing!
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Kash, that is a great pic!! I think it would make a great selection for Caption This!

I know this has nothing to do with your questions, but I think they were pretty well answered already and I wouldn't know how to answer them anyway !
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Originally posted by AngelzOO
He's not deaf, he's just got selective hearing!
LOL Isnt that every male? Hehehe Sorry guys!!

Beautiful kitty ya got there
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i have a white cat who is deaf, he has blue eyes and believe me, you would know if he was deaf! LOL your kitty looks a lot like the deaf cat i fostered a wee while ago but she is now in her furrever home. only difference was she had gold eyes, not blue.
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thanks for all the replys. He is very hearing selective. My hubby got him the collar to give him a LOOK of attitude. He very very love most of the time. jgaruba his name is Casper friendly cat. He never go outside. Is eyes have Scared a few firends. We hubby has said he Scary when he is looking at you in the dark. But he just a big baby.A less you the birds. I have a hard time keep him out there room the girl bird has eggs right now. But he has to be in the same room with me at all times are so he thinks. But his sister is not like that at all she like be on her on. Here is a photo of her.
Sasha take a nap
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