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Photobucket help?!

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I can't seem to be able to resize my huge pictures like I could before they 'upgraded' their site. Every time I go to 'Resize', I get directed to a page that says Editing in: -insert username here-, which links back to my home album page. Is anyone else experiencing this? I've already tried using different browsers like Firefox, IE, Netscape and Opera, no difference.

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Just when I had the instructions for the previous version figured out

New Instructions.

As you know, you get to edit the picture by clicking edit above the picture:

When you get there, you will click on the Resize button:

You can manually resize by pixels or percentage,

but the easiest is probably selecting something from the preset sizes

Click on Apply when you are finished.

You can return to your album by clicking on your user name in the upper left hand corner.

Does that help?
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No, I still keep getting stuck after I click Edit. It just directs me to a blank page with "editing in: -insert user name here-".
Of course, it says my user name though. Really frustrating, honestly. I wish they had it so one could control whether they wanted to go to their newer version or not.
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Sounds like you are having problems with the Flash player. Strange that all browsers are acting up.

See if this helps. http://photobucket.com/faq?catID=80&...=f&topicID=636
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Odd, my Flash Player is active, at least so the Adobe site states. Still not working though and I've tried their other problem-solving ideas but no use. Well, I've already contacted them to see if they had anything to say or suggest that I haven't tried.
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Did they respond to you?? I sent them three emails about the change they made. It is crap and takes WAY too long to resize a photo. They eventually emailed me back saying they are going to give us the old option and the new option! I'm SOOOOO happy about that!!! It got so bad that when I tried to resize a photo, photobucket would close my internet!!!!
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oops, I misunderstood................
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