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Originally Posted by yayi View Post
The torn upholstery of most of the furniture, the chairs with scratch marks on their legs and the tufts of cat fur flying about.
hey you live at my house too! oh and lets not forget the cat ornaments, pictures etc. i also have a stone cat on my front door step, massive clue there!
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Let's see . . . cat ornaments galore, photos of my boys, the shredded couch, scratched door frames, and orange hair on everything . . . you tell me.

But you probably would see Oliver because he has to check out everyone who comes in. Rocky won't come out unless you've been there for a while.
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People would know we have cats, our house has cat stuff everywhere Our house is their house
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lets see there's the scratching post by the front window...
and the toy mice, balls..etc scattered on the floor..
and of course the cats come to the door to say hi.
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With a labrador my house looks more like a doggy day care than a kitty one. The only thing I have noticeable is a cat tree in the corner of the living room. I had to give my kitty something to get away from the crazy lab always wanting to play with her. She's older and lazy so she mostly stays in the bedroom. I joke with my roommate that for her it's like I don't even own a cat. Of course now that I'm getting a new aby kitten things are about to change.
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Yes, you would know I had cats by entering the door. They are the masters of my house. My husband and I are their care givers! They let us share the master bed with them if were good! LOL
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Spaz is greeter, but if, by some chance she was hiding somewhere, I think the great tufts of floating hair would be a clue.
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Shark's radiator bed is right by the front door, so as soon as you walk in you can see it, the black fur smothering it is also a give-away. Unless of course, she is already lying in it

Brandy's ginger fur is everywhere you look too..
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It might be difficult to tell PEOPLE lived here!

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Lets see....kitty fur, kitty fountains and kitty toys are very, very visible from the front door.
And if you happen to come to my door before I get home in the afternoon, you just might smell kitty poop, 'cuz I haven't been home to scoop for several hours, and two litterboxes are just behind the front door....after I get home though, nope!
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As soon as you walk into my flat you'd see a cat scratch post in the hall. Then as you enter the lounge, the ceiling high cat tree is a bit of a giveaway. The lounge is full of cat toys and activity centres, but Mosi launches a charm offensive on all who enter anyway, so they'd know soon enough without all the toys
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Wait a second, without seeing the cat??? Yeah right, she is the official greeter for all who see this home.
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Jingle balls and other assorted balls and mice lying around the floor, a jungle gym, scratching post and sometimes a feather stick that hasn't been taken hostage by the cats can be seen.
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Usually you'll encounter one scurrying down the hall, avoiding your footfalls! Like that's not enough 'evidence'...haha!

But if there isn't one to 'lead the way' into our meager apartment, you will soon find cat toys galore (what ones they haven't lost for the day), cat scratch toys, a kitty tree complete with hanging mice and their food and water dishes, more cat scratch posts, and a kitty condo. And of course, eventually the feline greeting committee will soon show it's face, usually beginning with Ms. Brazil, the pest! Lol!
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
My place looks like a kitty daycare for spoiled rotten kitties that have a ton of fun.
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Oh my yes!!! All three of them great people! It's so strange! I haven't met many cats that do that. Other than that, there are two cat trees in the living room, a BASKET of toys, a pet fountain in the dinning room, and several other toys and cat beds scattered about!
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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
It might be difficult to tell PEOPLE lived here!

Tehehehe...that's a good way to put it!!!
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The only thing that really gives it away is the 6ft cat tree. I try and keep things put away as much as possible because our apartment is TINY...
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When you walk in our front door you can see our large cat tree by the patio door (with excellent view of bird feeders). You will also have to walk through the maze of cat toys and avoid the cat tunnel & track toys once you walk in. And usually Stimpy is on the couch when company arrives. I almost forgot about the scratching post I have near the couch and front door.
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