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Smushi Face Sushi

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The end was nothing but agony, and it got worse every day.

Your life was a constant struggle. You never won a single fight.

Towards the end, you were so broken you could barely move....for days you fought me teeth & claws.

In the end, you won. I did what I could, you are now gone.

If only you would have let me catch you, I might've been able to save you, or at least made the end easier, less painful for you. If only you could understand the words I was saying.

I'm sorry they threw you out the door, like a sack of trash. I'm sorry life had to be so hard on you. I can now run pain free, body fully functioning, over the rainbow bridge. Know I loved you no matter what.

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Thats a nice Tribute and it made me Cry.
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I'm very sorry for your loss. You did the best you could and that is what's important. I lost my beautiful Cooper just barely 50hrs ago and this is the single hardest loss I've ever had in my life. I bet Sushi and Cooper are laughing their heads off right now at us crying over their deaths because in all reality they're in a better place. Cooper will show Sushi how to eat massive amounts of food and I'm sure Sushi will teach him some things too. Just let yourself grieve if you need to. Take care.
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Kings and presidents should be so lucky as to have someone as loyal as you to count on.
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Oh Nat - I'm so sorry he wouldn't let you help him.

Sushi - play happily over the bridge now that you're whole and pain free again. Know that Natalie loved you and did her best. She could have made the end of your sad and painful stay here so much more pleasant than it was. I'm so sorry that "people" didn't do even enough right by you to help you know a loving hand when it was there for you.


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May the angel pass over to the other side, pain free now.
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i'm so sorry. RIP little sushi.
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You did your best Nat. Sometimes it just isn't meant to be

RIP little one
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I'm so sorry Nat

R I P Sushi

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Godspeed over RB, Sushi! You are free now, and in a place where you are loved and wanted and safe - forever and ever
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Awww I just saw this Nat. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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Originally Posted by mzjazz2u View Post
Awww I just saw this Nat. I'm so sorry for your loss.
for you, and a for Sushi...
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RIP to Sushi.....
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