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VA problem update

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Just to let you know -- the hysterical panic of two nights ago is over, thank goodness. I talked to some people at the VA and eventually found out that as long as the death certificate mentions heart disease or diabetes as at least a contributing factor in Papa's death, my mom is still eligible for benefits. It doesn't have to be considered the primary cause.

So I went back to the nurse at the primary care doctor's office and, shaking in my shoes, asked whether that much could be done... and she came back today with a YES!

We still don't know whether Mom will be receiving enough income to survive on -- but at least we know it will be somewhat more than the minimum $600. So if I can get even a marginally good job, we can find a way to get by.

It's scary, though... so many people younger and more attractive than I are having trouble finding good work in their fields. Does anybody know a company in Dallas that needs a good writer / graphic designer / video producer / jingle composer?

I really appreciate all of you who helped calm me down the other night. I'm sorry for the meltdown... still kinda fragile here, I guess.
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they have to be contributing factors
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I'm glad it's worked out better than you feared! I was wondering how it was going.
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No apologies needed Carol. This is a difficult time for you and your mother, and you have a lot of overwhelming feelings and situations to deal with! I doubt I would be able to handle the same situation any better than you are doing. Sometimes it really does help to get input from others who aren't so close to, or caught up in, the situation. I'm just glad that so many people were here to 'lend an ear' and offer the proverbial shoulder to lean on! Thanks for the update...I'm glad to know that things are looking up (and that you are still feeling better, too!)
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I'm glad it worked out! Sending you a PM.
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So glad it all worked out.
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