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Did anyone miss me? LOL!

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Hi Everyone! I'm so sorry that I haven't been on the site in a quite a while. My computer crashed on Feb 23rd and it is still getting repaired. I actually bribed my boyfriend into letting me use his laptop tonight! I'm on vacation at the moment and am sitting in a very cold hotel room in Milwaukee Wisconsin...not exactly a great place for a vacation! LOL! My BF has a business meeting up here and he invited me to go along...thank goodness too or I wouldn't have been able to stop into say hi!!
I've missed all of you so much....I'm a truly addicted to this place!!I'm trying to catch up on everything and it looks like I've missed out on SO much!!!!
I wish I could reply to all of these posts right now, but I'm kinda pressed for time. I promise that I'll post more once I get my home PC back...which can not be soon enough!!

Hope all is well with each and everyone one of you. I noticed that there so many new members in the 2 weeks I've been away...I look forward to chatting with them soon.
Take care and I hope to chat with all of you guys with in a few days!
Miss you all!!!
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I wondered what happened to you! Glad your back!
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It's good to hear from you, Shell!!!
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Missed you??? Nah.........


ummm...not much happened. Well, I actually hadn't noticed you were gone

(Doing a little happy dance as I type......she's back, she's back, she's back......wooohooo)

Just don't disappear again.....ok? Maybe next time I'll notice....

SHELLS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

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oh yeah, i missed you!

oh happy day! oh happy day!

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Are you kidding? Jan had your picture posted on a milk carton!

General alarm ensued as we were afraid aliens abducted several forum members, you included!
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Of course we missed you! We were about to send out search parties.
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Glad you are ok, and were able to check in with us! Hurry and fix that computer of yours!
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Shell who???
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phwew! no alien abductions. all of our prodigals have returned home!!!

hope you're having a great time! love ya, shell!
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Of course we noticed you disappeared but then I remember your vacation plans!!

Meanwhile, the others were trying to convince me that aliens abducted you & all heck broke lose! But I didn't believe it for one minute!!

I better leave because the voices are returning...time to take my pill...

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Shell - you better get that computer fixed as we have been wondering what happened to you!
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I'm shocked and amazed by all of you...it's so nice to be loved!

At the moment, I just got in to our different hotel and Bill is off doing his business thing. I did a little happy dance when I seen that our room has Web TV!! WHOOOO!! It's kinda expensive (10 bucks for 24 hrs!), but it is worth it for me!! Bill threw a small fit about me using his work laptop for 2 hours last night...so it looks like he'll be throwing another fit tomorrow when he gets the bill for this! LOL!

Anyway...I should be back online at the end of this week (hopefully!). So don't send out the Army or anything, ok?LOL!
Hope to chat again really soon with all of you!
Love ya all!
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