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A one cat family--maybe not

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Not sure where to put this

So on Halloween my husband and I got a kitten. My friend found him on her porch and we decided to take him in. Neither of us had ever had a cat and had never really planned on it. But he stole our hearts and has been the light of our lives ever since. However we have been dealing with some behavioral issues--mainly biting. It isnt' a teething bite and I don't think its vicious--he just wants to play and doesn't know how hard to bite.

My friend who found Jack emailed me yesterday and said I think I found Jack's brother. I took him to the vet and he agrees the age is right and they very well could be siblings. She is trying to find him a home and I asked hubby again if we could get another--I've been telling him I wanted a playmate for Jack and that it may help with his biting. So was this fate's way of saying yes you need another kitten--one that is possibly sibling to the one you have?

Hubby said to me today, we can try another cat if--we get this house we looked at this week. We are trying to rent a house and move (we both got job transfers). So we find out Sunday if we got the house and if we do, WE CAN GET THE KITTEN!!!

I will have him neutered before he comes into the house--so no spraying and have him testing for FIV and the other one first as well. Is there anything else I need to do? I've read all about the introducing them part. what about shots--he obviously hasn't had any--do we start with 1st shots? My friend has had him wormed, flead and he's on an antibiotic for a runny nose.

Also, if we get this house (which means we get the kitten) we will be moving in the next week. Will it be too much for Jack to move and also have a new friend at the same time? The friend who has the kitten really can't keep him much longer--she has 3 of her own who don't care for the new visitor, so the kitten is in the extra bathroom currently.

Thanks---cross your fingers and say your prayers we get this house--not just so we can get the kitten, because we really want this house!
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You can also ask your friend to neuter Jack's brother before you get him. They're about 6 months old so hopefully they haven't had any "manly urges"
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It isn't possible for her to neuter him, she needs him out of the house ASAP.

Anyway, we decided it was too much to take on with us moving right now. We still want to try and add another cat but we think it would be more wise to wait until we move--also to take on another stray is going to be very expensive and we really aren't prepared to fork out at least another $300 for a stray.

If we wait and go to the shelter we can get #1 a slightly older cat 1-2 years old #2 a cat that is UTD on shots and spayed or neutered #3 a cat that is right for us--instead of a cat who may or may not be Jack's brother

Also I feel like this kitten will be easy to place (they have someone else interested) so if we don't take it, and we choose a little older cat from a shelther we will have done right by two cats.

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