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I might be getting a couple of fosters...

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There's 2 kitties at the shelter who've been there since August. Their names are Charlie and Gracie, and they were just dumped together at the front door of the shelter They're 5 and 8 years old, and obviously a bonded pair - I still can't believe someone just dumped them...

Anyway, today while I was at the shelter, they were both trying to sit in my lap at the same time (they're not small), and they'd both been playing with the laser pointer - first time they've found a toy they like to play with since they've been there.

It's good that they're doing ok, but it hit me that they weren't like that when they got here - they wouldn't have a cuddle, and they never played. They've come to accept the shelter as their home It really depressed me, so I have offered to foster them. There's a rescue group nearby that has a lot of luck with finding homes for older cats, and they occasionally take cats for us and find homes for them.

So I've offered to foster Charlie and Gracie, if the rescue group can do the advertising and let me take them along to cat adoption fairs to try and get a home for them. If they don't get a home by the time kitten season starts, we'll have no chance.

I'll keep you updated...
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They have a sad story.. but they sound like they still have alot of love to give. I hope that it works out and that they get a good forever home
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You are one very special person. Thank you...
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I just found pics - here's Gracie (look at those eyes!)

And Charlie (not the best photo, but he's a sweetie)

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Aww, they're lovely! Bless your heart for giving them a good loving place to be, and a better chance at the right permanent home.
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They are gorgeous!
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they are lovely!
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Well, I'd have to make a committment to be able to keep them for multiple (6+) months if needed, which I just can't do. I need my spare room for TNR, and there's other kitties that NEED foster homes, whereas these 2 are doing ok at the shelter at the moment. So I won't be taking them

But there is a sweet, less than 1 year old, orange and white kitty who got brought in yesterday who has been hit by a car He's got pelvis fractures and is probably going to need a leg amputated, and if so he'll need fostering after that until he heals up. He looks like he hasn't had any love in a while, so I think I'd rather take him in, and others more desperate as needed.
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WOOHOOOOO!!!!! Charlie and Gracie - the 2 kitties that I was thinking of fostering are being adopted RIGHT THIS SECOND!!! Just got an email from the volunteer coordinator at the shelter to let us know that a lovely lady was adopting the two of them.

I'm so happy I have tears in my eyes!!! They've been at the shelter since August last year and are so sweet.
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Great news!! I am so glad to hear that they found there furr-ever home!!
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OMG that's wonderful news Sarah!!!
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That's wonderful, Sarah! I'm so happy for those precious kitties!
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Oh how wonderful!!!!!! So happy for them.
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Oh yay!!!!! They look like such sweethearts! I hope they are in a puurrrrfect home now!
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That is such great news! I am so happy they are going to have a good home and that they are going together, they deserve it.
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I just found out that the lady went out and bought fancy new carriers before she came and picked them up, then last night took them to the groomers so they could feel all pretty. I don't know if a cat feels good after being to a groomer, or if it's just stressful, but I think these 2 kitties would have enjoyed the experience, and felt good afterwards, and are going to be so happy in their new home
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