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Food Fights?

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I went to give Chynna her wet food serving for dinner and I couldn't believe the mess in their eating area!

There were dry food pieces all over the dining room as if someone spilled a bowl of food. And Chynna must have shoved at least 1/2 of her lunch serving of grilled salmon off the side of the plate onto her placemat.

Anyone else have messy eaters that leave the place looking like a food fight took place?!
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Yup, I sure do. The food ends up all over the wall. I have a cat that has a hard time controlling his head movement so he whips the food onto wall with each bite. The thing that kills me now is all the food that collects at the bottom of their drinkwell fountain...what a mess! "Let's swallow our dinner and THAN take a drink, shall we?!"

Another cat of mine leaves cracker crumbs of dry food all over....the mats are of no use to catch food, it all ends up on the wall, water bowl....or everywhere else but the mat....sometimes under it!
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Mine are pretty neat when eating, they all eat off the same plate and if some goes over the side they shove the plate over to retrieve it
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Unlike missymotus mine have individual food bowls but like her, mine are also good and neat during meal times and snack times.
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Butzie is a dainty little lady when eating. No mess. Now, her auto litter box is another story. Lately, she has been throwing out a pile of litter on the floor next to the automatic arm. Yuck! I have seen her paw at the arm. I think that she found out that pawing it doesn't make the arm clean any faster so she is protesting.
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No mess, no nothing, she licks everything clean and will be in search of anything else food related she can get her paws on
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My RB kitty Rascal was such a messy eater, that I ended up putting his food into a box. The box was laying on its side and the food was inside, so the sides and top of the box could catch all the debris:

As you can see, the newspaper and the sides/back of the box are covered with little pieces of wet food
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My kids eat on individual paper plates. 99% of the food stays on the plates - but they are all pickers, so I leave the plates out and throw them away at night when I get home (or am when I get up.) Their dry food is near the water and I do see soggy dry food pieces in the water. As I posted on a Cosmo thread, he does dismantle the Catit fountain and distribute it around the kitchen!
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Here and I thought it was just because I have boys. It usually looks like a food bomb went off where they eat. I had their bowls elevated for a while, but then they got food on the wall too!
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My cat takes mouthfuls of her food and drops it on the floor just so she can bat it around. And then of course it gets stuck under the bowl holder and she knocks water all over the floor trying to get to it. What a mess!!!
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