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We Have a Da Bird!

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I picked up a parcel at the post office yesterday and inside was Da Bird!!

Sarahp asked for my address in December so that she could send me a Christmas card from Australia. Well, weeks and weeks went by and no card came. A couple weeks ago she mentioned that she had just mailed me a parcel and that it should arrive in about 10 days. It arrived last Monday but I couldn't pick it up until yesterday.

The parcel was actually a tube, the kind you put blue prints in or something. I had no idea what was inside. When I opened it I couldn't help but cry (joyous tears).

When I got home, even before putting my groceries away I played with Abby. She loves the short feather/tinsel wands that I buy at the vets office, so I figured Da Bird would be a hit with her.

I can tell Abby likes it. She's a fraidy cat and she was a bit hesitant when it comes to new toys, but she is definitely intrigued and chased it a few times. And wiggled her little butt while watching me fling it around.

Chynna I'm not so sure about. She was more interested in the plastic bag it came in, but then she had just finished dinner and was looking for a drink of water and a nap. She likes the short feather wand that I have, so she probably will like this one too.

Today I played with Abby again. She's so funny. She crouches and watches me drag it around on the floor and fling it. She gets her cute little "play face" (Whiskers forward, pupils big, a bit cross-eyed), and her butt wiggles but she doesn't make a move to try and catch it. Then she moves and repositions herself and does the same thing again...watches and waits. Then she starts to look around, completely ignoring the feathers. At this point I stop moving the feathers. She feigns disinterest, and then suddenly pounces on it!

A short while ago she jumped on the chair beside me and usually that indicates she wants some cuddles and neck scritches. But when I tried to pet her, she jumped down and meowed and looked at me. When I picked up Da Bird, she took her place on the carpet by the coffee table and we went through the routine of my dragging it on the carpet and flinging it around. She ran after it a few times. But her favourite seems to be when I stop moving it and when Da Bird is least expecting it, she pounces on it

Thank you soooo much Sarah!! *hugs*
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I am so happy for you and Abby. Sarah that was really nice of you.
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What a wonderful gesture! Enjoy!
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How lovely of Sarah to send it to you Hope your kitties enjoy it.
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