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Meet Alyssa and TempleTon (aka:Temps)

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So... last March. 16 I went to the Mall in Nashua NH... they happened to have a Pet Store in the Mall and even though im against Pet Store Puppies.. I cant help but go "Aww" over them... as I was there I naturally ((its a habit actually )) checked out the other animals and there conditions. Well when I got over to the Rat Container... there were like 20+ Rats in it.. and 1 special Rat! An American Blue Variegated Double Rex Dumbo Female! now I have owned several Rats in the Past.. But none so Unique and I had always wanted a Dumbo Rat AND a Hairless Rat.. But this Rat wasnt Hairless... Double Rex ((for those who dont know)) means its got such thin Hair that the Rats Hair falls out then grows back in.. its perfectly normal.
So I asked the Pet Store guy if she ((the rat)) was available... and he said no so I stood there talking to my brothers GF ((who was with me.. and scared to death of Rats)) while watching this Unique scrounge looking Rat that I sooo wanted... the Lady who was buying ALL the Female Rats saw me watching and talking about a female Rat I wanted and said to me "is there a female Rat you want? cause I dont need all of them" and I was like "actually.. yes there is" and I told her which one and she said she wouldnt buy it so I could buy her. Yay!!!!! .... just one problem... I had no Money!!!! so the Rat sat there as I walked away sad.. but I did promise her that id come back for her.
So I went home and talked to my mom about it and told her what she looked like "twisted whiskers, bald spots, curly fur, and ears on the side of her head..." my mom only said yes because she was curious to se what she looked like! ((and she knows I take perfect care of my pets and this wouldnt be a disposable pet to me)). Only problem now is.. I couldnt get to the Pet Store for another 3 days!! So 2 days went by and I called the Pet Store to se if she was still there... the Guy recognized me! was I the only one interested in her cuz she was still there!! day 3.. March 19th I went and picked up my lil Ratty Girl! so as I was getting her out of the container my brothers GF was like "whats you gonna name it?" and the first person to pop into my head at that moment was my 9yr long time BFF, Alyssa... so that was her name! and it stuck!
So heres Alyssa:
Bath Time...

Outside Time...

Alyssa resting in her old hammock...

Old pic of Alyssa...

So then after getting her... I knew I needed to get her a friend but I wasnt sure when the next time id be able to get to the Pet Store was ((we lived in MA.. the Pet Store was in NH)). About a month later my brothers GF came to me and said "im going to the Mall, you wanna go" and of course I said Yes. Well I told her I was getting another Rat and insisted I take Alyssa along with us... she through the biggest fit about "what if it gets loose in the car, there not gonna let it in the mall, why do you need to bring it?" and "I dont like Rats!!".. what a Woose ((no offense to you guys who are afraid of Rats also.. I was afraid of Rats at one point too)). So I finally talked her into letting me take Alyssa.. as long at Alyssa didnt leave the carrier... or the car. Damn it! it was freezing outside and she expected me to leave Alyssa in the car while we get Temps.. NO WAY!!
So I brought Alyssa in with me anyway and we went in to get a Female Rat... there were none left! but when I saw Temps I new I had to have him!!! So I got him... not to be a Cage Mate with Alyssa of course. I named him TempleTon because the day we went to get him.. right before we left the house I was in the middle of watching the Charlotte's Web Movie ((for the first time)). And the name TempleTon stuck. TempleTon is a Charcoaled Grey Rusted Variegated Blazed Rex.
Heres Temps:
Bath Time....

Temps in his Cage...

TempleTon in his Cubicle ((that I made by hand))....

Old pic of Temps...

Temps went to Wal-Mart with me that day... we got kicked out of course! lol...

Ok.. so all the Rat I had before always had a Cage Mate... But Alyssa and TempleTon dont. I had planned on getting them Cage Mates but it never happened. They are happy anyway... they get lots of Free Range time and lots an lots of love from me. maybe one day they'll get Cage Mates.. but until then.. they dont really know what there missing.
TempleTon is my Travel Rat ((Alyssa use to be but she got to hyper))... Temps goes to Movies, Banks, Grocery Stores, Shopping Centers, Wal-Marts, Malls, etc with me just sitting on my shoulder... We get Kicked out Sometimes, eh im use to it now.
Both my Rats are Potty Trained to the point that if there sitting on my shoulder and they "Gotta Go".. the either climb off, tinkle a lil to let me know or await till I put them down to do there thing.
My Rats are Awsome.. I love them to death and only get them the best when it comes to Food, Bedding, toys and obviously.. Cages.
So those are my Rodent Kids!!
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They are adorable!!! one day, when I have fewer cats I am going to get a couple more rats
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They are so cute!!
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Oh my goodness is temp cute!!!

How do your baths go? What's your tick? I've given kitty a bath a few times and I get scratched up pretty bad. All she wants to do is get out. Your cutie looks happy as can be in the bath! I want mine to like it too!!!
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Originally Posted by EnzoLeya View Post
Oh my goodness is temp cute!!!

How do your baths go? What's your tick? I've given kitty a bath a few times and I get scratched up pretty bad. All she wants to do is get out. Your cutie looks happy as can be in the bath! I want mine to like it too!!!
Well it is difficult to bathe my Rattie's too, sometimes.. it depends on there moods. I usually sit near the Faucet and close the Shower Curtain right up until it reaches me ((it helps keep them from thinking they can jump out)).. When im Washing one ((I bathe both at the same time.. its actually easier)) ill slide the other to the opposite side of the Tub... and vise versa.
I Also fill the Tub up about 3-4 inches... and after scrubbing them with Johnson's & Johnson's Baby Shampoo, I use the Faucet to rinse them off ((thats the most difficult part)).
Also.. I don't let anyone help me or even watch me Bathe my Rats.. I noticed it distracts my Rats.

Heres a Pic of them together in the Tub.. they totally ignore each other the whole time...


Thanks everyone for your Compliments... I also forgot to add this link: www.freewebs.com/loltemps
Lately Temps has been very Photogenic and quite Silly.
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