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Siamese-Tabby Mix

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hey folks,
we took in what turned out to be an extremely tame siamese tabby mix. with the help of our TNR friends, she's been spayed and vaccinated. she's ready to be adopted out now, but it just occurred to me, has anybody seen a cat with these type of markings?

i've seen siamese tabbies before, but they usually look either like tabbies with slight siamese tips or regular siamese with very faint stripes. but this girl is a smoky/chocolate-point/freckled/orange-stripe-faced wonder. we have a siamese feral who is probably the father, not sure if the mom was an orange tabby or a tortie. ever seen this before? maybe i should have bred her before we got her fixed

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Yes, I've seen several that looks like her through the humane society here.

You were right to fix her & not to breed her. There are soooo many cats out there killed every day because there aren't enough homes.
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ah i was just joshin', i can't fix em fast enough here! i've been doing TNR in my neighborhood and tho it's just a drop in the bucket, every little bit helps!

glad to confirm though that she wasn't a super special new breed! just a sweet mutt.
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she is beautiful!
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Looks like a torti-pointed siamese mix to me, very cute
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Wow, she is a beautiful girl!!! I'm happy she's ready to be going on to a home!!
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She's a tortie point, and very pretty too! You were right to have her spayed, there are plenty of purebred Siamese tortie points, although she's very lovely she's not rare or anything like that.
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She is very cute
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Wow... she's gorgeous!!!
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Very pretty kitty. I'm just glad I don't have to explain the genetics of that particular coat color!
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Ohmigosh! She's gorgeous! That first pic is fabulous! She looks so curious and lively.
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ha, i'll pass on your compliments to her! she just stands as a symbol of how crazy it is that people don't take better care of their pets, if cats like her are thrown out on the street. she has been nothing but super sweet since we brought her in, a real lap cat, and very playful.
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OMG she is so adorable. Don't tempt me. Darn you are in the NYC area. Why can't you be in Tenessee!!
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