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Man forces daughter to kill cat

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I really, really don't understand just is wrong with people!!
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I just read that on From the article, it seems the man had been drinking right before this. I bet he has abused those children in the past. I hope he spends quite a while behind bars.
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I actually couldn't bring myself to read the article. But from the description of it, disgusting and sad
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Lord have mercy, those poor, poor children.

Another article about it,2933,337756,00.html
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This dad is such a horrible influence on his kids! After he spends some time in jail, I think any future visits with them should be superivsed.
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Originally Posted by emrldsky View Post
I hope he spends quite a while behind bars.
With a 25 stone cat lover as his cell mate!
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oh that is completely horrible...I have no words...
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That poor kitty That is so horrible!! My heart goes out to those children
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This monster needs to be sent away never to have any contact with children or animals! I hope he rots in hell!
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Poor, poor Boots - and those poor children who will be traumatized for life They already live with their grandparents & were just having visitation with the dad - one can only shudder at what they have been through already
It must have taken incredible courage and love for Boots for those 2 kids to speak up about what happened. Boots, you know that your little earth-angels love you very much; send them a sign & let them know that you're okay now
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I was just about to post this myself. It seems like he had visitation that day, but was drunk upon the children's arrival. I wonder if whoever dropped off the kids were aware of his intoxication? I just can't imagine what would posses a person to do something like that. Those poor kids. At least the prosecutor in Muncie tends to go after criminals like this.
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OMG, that makes me want to puke. I hope he gets stabbed. No wait, that would be too good for him.
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Ugh! this makes me I wish I had not read the article. People are so sick, stupid and twisted! There not enough smilies symbols to express how I feel about this of a sick human!!

My DH & I are always asking each other how can people be soooo stupid? Whether while driving the road, in the stores, etc. You know how people can be idiots! This guy needs to !!! :
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This goes way beyond stupid..
Stupid is in it's own category-like people who drive drunk or leave animals in the car on a hot day.
No, this man is a monster. He shouldn't have ANY visitation rights, supervised or otherwise. And those poor kids! The things that are happening to children & animals & other helpless members of society seem to be getting so much worse, it makes my heart hurt.
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This man truly is a monster...
his poor children.
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That man is pure evil!!!

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