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Daily Thread TGIF March 14th!

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Goooooooooooood Moooooooooooorning folks!!!

Welp, today is FRIDAY!! And I am thrilled!

I am heading off to my sisters tonight for a sleepover to spend some time with my family. My mom is still down.

Today is payday..and I am finally PAYING OFF A LOAN today!! I have had this loan since college, and today is going to be quite an amazing accomplishment by paying it right off! I am just thrilled about it.

I need to think of a good celebration for myself..I am thinking of getting lunch out today...big celebration eh?

Its mild and over 0 degrees today...I really can't complain

Have a great day folks!!!
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Congrats on the loan Thats got to be such a relief!!!

hmmm...looks like yesterdays weather report is right...rainy and 40s I'm sick of mud....

Oh well it's FRIDAY!!!
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Well done for paying off your loan Nat

It's a cold sunny day here. Tomorrow i'm off to London for an overnight stay with my sister to see a west end show, but before that were going to the Tower of London to see where they were beheaded and the crown jewels, then sunday it's shopping at Harrods
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Morning All!!!

Congrats on paying off the loan it's a fantastic feeling isn't it

Sunny this morning and is suppose to get up to 6 today

Heading off to work shortly I imagine I have a ton of work to catch up on since I took the last two days off. Oh well I am feeling much better today.

Pay day for me as well, need to pick up a few things after work at the grocery store then just home, dinner, and TV tonight.

The kitties are good, all of them are trying to fit into a sunspot on the floor but it's not quite big enough for all of them.

Everyone have a good one
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congrats on paying off the loan :-) ...yes treat yourself to lunch...
I treated myself to a shamrock shake yesterday just because :-)
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That's wonderful news Nat!

Afternoon everyone!
It's a beautiful sunny day today I was tempted to let the cats outside but this weekend they are calling for rain and they will just cry and cry to get out again.

I hope you all have a wonderful Irish weekend. I am sure we will see my MIL this weekend to celebrate.
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Congrats on paying off the loan. Go eat a well-deserved lunch.

I am getting a facial today I also have to make a St. Patrick's goody box to send off to our daughter in college.

It's pizza night tonight. Yeah!
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Well I am having a low key day. Two of my boys are at camp(so only have one son at home). I just had a back injection yesterday so am not able to be very active. DH and I are going with our youngest son to see "Horton Hears a Who!" in the afternoon then going out to eat with him as well.
It has been strange to only have one child...well counting the three furry children I guess I still have more than one at home.
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hello all! i hope your all having a good day! mine's been alright actually, havn't done anything, oh well!
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