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tigger and cuddles update!

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it's been a week and a half and we are making great progress!

cuddles has always been skittish since she was young but very affectionate once you show her she's not in danger and you just want to give her attention...for a few days, she went through a phase where all she wanted to do was hang out in the bathroom on the counter so i tried to make that spot a little comfy with what i had on hand as you can see...

i've started vitamin E supplements to boost her immune system as i think if she feels healthier she will also not feel as vulnerable. well, she's already migrated from the bathroom to kuan yin's room and has stolen kuan yin's favorite sleeping spot and baby blanket..that takes some guts! kuan yin has surprisingly decided that is okay with her. cuddles also spends "elderly cat only time" alone with me and tigger in the bedrom with the door shut for a few hours every night. i've finally gotten them to kiss and make up..no more hissing...they both will lay on me and just love me without any fighting...yay!!!
tigger's swelling has CONTINUED to go down..check him out..he looks like he doesn't even have it anymore almost...

i am picking up more prednisone tomorrow to continue the treatment.
they are now comfy in the bedroom, bathroom, and kuan yin's room..they are finally learning to be part of a household again..occasionally,they will venture into the living room but not for long yet.
also, tigger is learning to play again! he is attacking running water and loves if you drag some hay across the ground..really surprised me!
everything's coming along..just thought i'd update
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every moment, more progress..cuddles just started being really vocal demanding me to pay attention to her..i picked her up and brought her in the bedroom and she is sitting on my lap as we speak meowing if i don't pet her for more than a minute...getting bossy which is a good sign!
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Great stuff! Glad things are working out.
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Awww, I'm so glad to hear that things are going so well!
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aww! am glad thing's are going well.
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