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New pics of the furkids

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So lately i have been basically obsessed with taking pics of the cats. everytime they are sitting in a cute way or sleeping in a cute way i feel the need to take pics of them. it didnt take Mittens very long to get settled in and used to Monster. it was never a problem with Monster getting used to her, he wasnt even territorial when we brought her here. right away he wanted to play with her but she wouldnt allow it. now theyre BFFs.

this is Monster sleeping. he is so funny!

Here are a couple of Mittens, and you can see how comfortable she is. Most people expect a cat to take a few weeks or more to get used to a new house, but it took Mittens about a week to be completely comfortable here. Maybe the fact that she knew me && my bfs mom for MONTHS before she moved here (she was our boss's cat[we work at the same place]) helped the transition.

here are a couple of them together. im so glad they get along now. its so funny when they chase each other around all day. when Monsters sleeping she will walk up & start grooming his face & Monster will do the same to her when she is sleeping. These were taken the other night. Mittens always jumps up & sits with me. Monster does too but not as often as her. but when she is laying with me & he sees it, he will quickly jump up there too and lay in my lap next to her, i guess bc he wants to be included. heres one of them in my lap together...actually its more like theyre mushed in between my legs, cuz he squeezed his fat butt in there lol..

this is one taken later, Mittens went to get up but changed her mind & plopped back down, heres that pic...

i actually got a couple great shots on my bfs parents digital of Mittens grooming Monsters face (these were taken from my phone) & she never uploaded them to her comp yet but when she does ill post them here..
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Awww, very cute kitties!
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awww they are so cute :-)
ya..I often grab the camera around the cats...lol
i'm still like a new mother.
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They are cute
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You have beautiful kitties!! Can't wait to see more photos of your fuzzies
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sooo cute!
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Too cute...I love the name Monster
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