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Doing the picture thing

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Seems like everyone is posting a bunch of pictures. I just bought a scanner recently, so here is one of my all-time favorite pictures of Squirt and Joey.

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Awww the cutest of Sunshine Boys!
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Cute picture! Your little guy seems to have long legs for jumping high.
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That picture is almost 4 years old. Squirt looks about the same, but Joseph is not a baby anymore! He is as tall as Squirt, but has stayed skinny. He was only 1.9 lbs when I got him.
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So cute! Joey is a "mini me" of Squirt!
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Awww! More orange babies! They are too cute!
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How adorable! I love orange boy kitties!
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Orange babies ARE adorable! I love how Squirt looks like he's nosing Joey. :tounge2:
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awwwwww so cute!!!!
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aw , supercute !!! is this mother & daughter/son ??
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Aw, Deb that is just a beautiful picture. Can't help but smile looking at your two boys.
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That is adorable .
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oh so cute! i love it when they give each other kitty kisses around the ears.
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Oh how darling! its hard to look at that pic without smileing!
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Awww, they are so cute!
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No no no this is how you keep that clean.
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Awwwww...I just want to pick them up and snuggle them!

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What a cute picture Deb!!!! I love orange cats!!! They are just beautiful!!!
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