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Cat show

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I live about 45 minutes from Erie Pa,there is going to be a cat show April 26 & 27,I have not ever been to one Ted & are going to go,I can;t wait.! Anybody else live near here and going to go?
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i have never been to one either. Maybe me and dh will go to one soon. Have fun!!
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I went to one once and decided I like dog shows much better and dogs like it better too. None of the cats looked very happy, but it is a good place to see a lot of breeds. Be warned that you won't be able to touch many, if any. They're concerned about ringworm, understandably. Is that a word??
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I was at a Cat Show today and my little brother, Kevin, got to hold a female Balinese! She was very timid but enjoyed Kevins company! There were some MASSIVE Maine Coons there! There was a red tabby Maine Coon that weighed 22 pounds! I'm talking muscle not fat!

Ragdolls aren't as big as I thought they would be. They were small compared to the Coons!

Anyway it was awesome! Have fun!
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