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Goldies anyone? *pic heavy*

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I've been caring for goldfish for a little over 5 years now. Next to kitties they are one of my favorite pets.

Right now I have a 75 gallon tank with 5 goldies ranging from 3 inches to 10 inches long. A couple of them were purchased at a local pet store while the others were imported from Thailand.

This is the tank before I added all my new goldfish. You can see my oldest girl on the right.

Satchel here is a black, turning chocolate, oranda. She is my biggest girl at 10 inches long.

Tango, a red oranda, is one of my smaller girls. Right now she's 3 or 4 inches long. You can see the size difference between her and Satchel.

I just realized that I don't have any full body shots of this girl in my galley at the moment. She is a tancho oranda that's about 6 inches long now.

This is a ranchu that is almost 4 inches long. He doesn't have a name yet.

I got this little girl less than a month ago. She is tiny compared to all the others. I couldn't pass up on this black bubble-eye.

Here is my goldfish photo gallery: Check it out if you want to.

If anyone has goldfish pics be sure to post them! I love looking at goldie pictures

Thanks for looking!

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wow! just lovely!! I had goldfish all while I was growing up and then recently I had a small tank with just two. However something I used to clean (I am VERY careful about this so I was quite confused but it was literally over 10 minutes after I put them back in their clean tank) killed them. I literally cried for like 3 hours and I haven't had the heart to get more, however these pictures may serve as inspiration! beautiful fish and tank!
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Lovely pictures!!! I always had fish growing up......
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It's been years since I had room for goldies, my favs were my natural green pom-poms and a calico ryukin that would playfully respond anytime you pointed at him.
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WOW!!!!! Those are GREAT pictures! I couldn't get my fish to look that good EVER! They are all so beautiful!

I've always wondered why goldfish change color as they age. Maybe you know? I had a black goldfish simular to the first one you have (not as fancy). I loved her so much, she was my first fish and she lived 5 years! I miss her! I wanted her to live forever!
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They are neat -- beautiful pictures.
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Originally Posted by abbeh15 View Post
Wow!! were you in the Tank when you took that Pic??!!! It looks awsome!


Those are really nice Pics... and Fish!! I dont think ive ever seen an Oranda as big as Satchel! She sure is Gorgeous!
Ive tried normal Goldfish several times.. and there not my Expertise. Im better at caring for Guppy's than Goldie's... I did have 2 Beautiful Tricolored Fancies back in September though... they did awsome for about 2-4 weeks than .. kinda.. Died
Your Fish are awsome and Beautiful though!!
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great picture's! we must be doing something wrong, when we take picture's of our fish! they never come out that clear, or maybe tropical fish move more than coldwater fish LOL? you'd think our's would be easier to take picture's of, they are sooo massive!
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Oooh, pretty. I love fishies.
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Gorgeous fish!
I love goldfish and had several fancies...I had sarassas,orandas,bubble eyes,celestial...etc! I have been raising them throughout the yrs.

Unfortunatly about 2 months ago,I bought a new tank off of someone and when I added the fish,they all died.The woman who sold it to me had saltwater fish in it before and even tho I cleaned/rinsed it (no chemicals) there must of been residue on it.I miss my goldies.

I may get more eventually.But yours are BEAUTIFUL!
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Thanks for all the compliments. I'll be sure to pass them on to my finned friends

I've always wondered why goldfish change color as they age. Maybe you know? I had a black goldfish simular to the first one you have (not as fancy). I loved her so much, she was my first fish and she lived 5 years! I miss her! I wanted her to live forever!
Goldfish are notorious when it comes to changing colors. Old age sometimes triggers it, but more often than not other factors come into play. Color enhancing food, water conditions, light, genetics, ect. are the main reasons goldies change color. I'd say one the most common color change people experience is when a baby goldfish loses its fry color.

Wow!! were you in the Tank when you took that Pic??!!! It looks awsome!
Hehe, I had the camera right next to the tank glass and happened to get this shot as she swam by.
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Once again, great pictures!!! I can't stop admiring them!!!

Thanks for answering my quetion!
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Its good to see very few goldfish in a huge tank, most people have goldfish in a bowl and they die quickly, or overcrowd them and have them stay small (dwarfed). Not to mention the myth that flake food only is good, goldfish love plants and some live foods too!

Goldfish need alot of room, just one small goldfish by itself needs at least 20 gallons minimum, they make so much waste, water fouls quickly.

Yours look great! And goldfish can live many years, way over 10!

I also read that your typical orange goldfish starts out black, and slowly becomes orange with age. Fish in outdoor ponds that are orange fade to pale white sometimes from being exposed to the sun, its not bad for them, thats just what happens.
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Yes I wish more people understood that goldfish are not as easy as pet stores make them look.They need big tanks,good filters and yes,other foods aside from flakes.

I see/hear about people all the time who have goldies in bowls or tiny tanks and then wonder why the fish dies a month later when they heard they can live 10+ yrs! I had an old friend who had 2 goldfish in a little bowl.They died a week later.I told her she needed a tank and filter and she was like "I cant afford it" and then got more goldfish,which lasted a couple weeks.I don't talk to her anymore,so I dunno how she is.Her mom goes thru cats like clean underwear! They make me angry and I have many stories about them with animals,especially cats...but like I said,I no longer talk to them.

Anyway I don't wanna hijack your thread,but it annoys me at how many people think goldfish can live in a tiny bowl.Goldfish are some of the dirtiest/messiest fish.
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Those are such neat photos of your goldies!! Their coloring is so pretty
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Speaking of what 709Juggalette, guess where I once saw goldfish and betta! This is crazy!

3 small goldfish in a tiny spongebob squarepants tank with no working filter, in a gym locker room in High School!!! Yeah how crazy in that! That was at the entrance of the girls locker room.

Im a guy, and we had one of those vases with the plant in it in the boys locker room (which is no safe place for any animal!), which came with a live betta. Those things are bad cause on this it said bettas eat plants and not to feed them or change the water, which is far from the truth because I owned betta's before. For 2 years I watched over that betta feeding it and changing it's water and took it home during the Summer, I was "friends" with the gym teacher who owned it, and got straight 100's in Phys Ed the whole year, so he didnt mind me caring for it. One day it got sick and he was ready to flush it down the toilet alive, so I said stop it must have gotten soap in its water. I cleaned the water and saved it, and the year I graduated I took the fish home and it lived about a year and half after, it was pretty old, over 3 years and lucky to have lived.
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