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Single Mom, Single Kitty

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Sammie is an only (well, so far until we introduce the new calico kitten that is her "niece").

And I am divorced and living alone. I very seldom have folks in my home (not deliberate, just lack of opportunity) and as a result she has become very bonded to me and very afraid whenever someone comes to visit. She will hide in the bedroom, mostly under the bed, for a day or more (fortunately her food, water and litter box are also in the master bedroom/bath which she considers her safe place).

Anyone else have a similar situation? Even if someone rings the doorbell, once she hears an unfamiliar voice, she is gone and hiding.

I'm sure introducing the new kitten, once weaned, will be, ummm, shall we say, "interesting..."?
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Wait a second.......Are you talking about your kitty, or mine?!Maia can be dead asleep and as soon as she hears the building door open down stairs (we live in an apartment building in NYC), she pops up like a meerkat on the alert! She has the 'mommas girl' syndrome, I babied her from day one and she was so young when I found her, first week was milk supplement. When she was a kitten I took her every where with me, she stayed overnight at other peoples houses and even had a kitten buddy to visit and grow with....................
Heres a picture of Maia and CeCe...

Couldn't resist, love that picture! Never less, she still grew up to be a one woman kitty!
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Zane is exactly the opposet. When a new person comes, he's all "Well, who are YOU? Have you ever seen such a pretty kitty as me? Pet me, NOW!"

I remember a couple of months before my father died, the lawyer was coming to go over some documents; the three of us were sitting at the dining room table, with all the papers spread out, and then suddenly there was this big, grey, furry THING right in the middle of the papers. Why would some dull old legal papers be more interesting than ZANE?
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I have two cats and they could not be opposite-- my 2 yr old male is all about new people. he is a social butterfly-- my 8 month old kitten was a feral rescue cat and as soon as the doorbell rings or someone comes into the house and she knows it- she is off and hiding--she wants no part of people. she won't eat or use the litter or come out until about and hour or two after everyone leaves and she feels it is "safe." this is just how she is and i don't worry about it -- i also dont think this will ever change.
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