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Teddy's Training

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I am teaching my Teddy to sit and beg. He is so cute! when i get the treats out he starts purring franticly and rubbing my legs - sucking up to me - i put the bag of treats down on the floor and he starts attacking it trying to get it open but eventually looks at me with his pleading face to open the bag. Unfortunately for me he has figured out where I keep the treats and is always trying to get up amongst our food to get them lol. He is learning very quick - I said "up" and he stood up on his back legs and put his paws out like he was begging - and i didnt even have a treat in my hand!
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Cool! I taught my cat Kitty to do that and give a `high five`. They`re pretty clever!
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The "sit and beg" stance is part of Ni's genes. I never trained him to do it. When I say "I have a surprise", he just stops whatever he is doing, goes to me, sits, lifts his front paws and waits. Not only are they smart, they're psychic too.
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