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6 week old shi tzu puppy in trouble

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It seems odd to post this on these forums for cats and their owners, but ya'll have helped me before with my two kitties and I thought I'd throw this out there.

Mother-in-law got a new puppy, 6 weeks old (seems VERY young to be separated from his mother). He's very lethargic and won't eat (he'll drink a lot of water though). He also has diarrhea. She took him to the vet and was given special food and instructions that require her giving him attention every 2 hours or so. She's had to leave him with us for a few days as she is a school teacher and simply can't tend to him that often (but we can).

There was no official diagnosis from the vet even after two visits. The puppy is so small (less than a pound) that the vet wasn't able to give him fluids by IV. I've tried and can't get him to eat at all... I try using a syringe to force some very liquid food into him but he resists and will often just vomit it up.

He pretty much just lays on the blanket and makes a horrible whining noise and looks like he's having a hard time breathing. I'm not sure what to do... I'm terribly afraid that he's not going to make it.

Any advice?
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my advice is you should change vets. something is wrong with the pup a vet should do tests before sending him home again. did any tests been done at all?
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I too think that you should take the puppy to another vet. Or an emergency care clinic. At this age, a puppy can go downhill very quickly, and this little one sound like it's in serious trouble. Especially if it's dehydrated. Time is of the essence, ACT NOW!!!!!
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He sounds pretty bad off.. shame on whoever let him go at 6 weeks. for the little guy. I hope that he will be okay.
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unfortunately he's so small that the vet couldn't find any veins large enough to take a needle. as a result, no tests could be run. he was prescribed an anti-biotic, but if its a viral infection there's not much he can do. the pup does drink water and I was just now able to force feed him with a syringe without him vomiting it up. he's sleeping now, but the breathing really worries me.

thanks for the support... I just hope he makes it!
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im sorry to tell u but thats not right. my husband works at a vet clinic and they have small enough needles to take blood from any animal they want and my husband took blood from new born kittens before, so i would really talk to a different vet. they only need a few drops of blood for the tests. the pup should be tests for parvo too.
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I'd try a different vet.

In many places it is illegal to sell a puppy under 8 weeks old. Most toy/small breed breeders keep the pups until 12 weeks or more.... 6 weeks is WAY too young!
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I'd take him to another vet. Could be anything. Not sure if those are symptoms of parvo or not. But where did she get the puppy from? If a pet store - its probably from a puppy mill and is sick with not a good chance to pull thru.

If from a breeder, you should contact the breeder on the problems. IMO a puppy should be 8-10 weeks old and if its a small breed I've heard that they should not be adopted till 12-16 weeks old.
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Another vet, ASAP! I'm wondering if it isn't something like coccidia....which is in their poo, dehydrates them....then they won't eat, drink, etc.
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i got my shih tzu too when he was 6 weeks old. not from a breeder but from an older lady and she would of sold him at this age either way and i took him. the vets had no trouble testing him for anything that needed to be tested for so i know it can be done. and it has to be done to save this little pups life.
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Those actually are parvo symptoms, as well as a few other serious issues.
If the poor baby does indeed have parvo, the faster he is put into critical care, the higher his chances of survival.
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Any update? I hope that the puppy is doing better
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Originally Posted by hurdyburdy View Post
Any update? I hope that the puppy is doing better
Poor puppy! I'm interested too, did the puppy make it?
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