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Does anyone here play or have played the game "Crazy Bones"

It's sort of like marbles and has been around for at least 8 years. They are these brightly colored plastic characters you buy in a pack, and you can try and collect the whole set, or buy them to play for a game. They come in every color, and some may find the rare glow-in-the-dark or gold ones, they are very hard to find and worth more if your character is that color...

There are games where you toss them and get points for how they land, or other games where you try to knock down your opponents "bones" by flicking yours at theres.

I started collecting them as a kid and still have mine, once in a while I play the game with them or with my family. I still collect them because you never know what color you'll get!

I think they used to be sheep knuckles shaped way back in Roman times that kids played with.

Here is the site on them, there just a fun novelty I would say.