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Who else has beautiful weather today?

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It's sooo gorgeous outside here today!!! Who else has great weather today? It's nice and sunny out here and the weather is perfect for a nice walk. We've had the same type of wonderful weather for the past few days here, so i've been taking the dogs for extra long walks all week long- they love it I normally walk them seperately to spend one on one time with them and give them extra attention- so the past few days i've been spending an hour walking each of them and they just love it! I'm hoping the awesome weather holds up!

Anyone else loving daylight savings time?
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The temp isnt bad but we had some Rain.
Mostly cloudy with a slight chance of rain showers. Colder. Lows 42 to 48. West winds 10 to 15 mph.
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We do, we do!

It wasn't as warm today as it was yesterday due to cloud cover, but it was still nice. Tomorrow it's supposed to be around 80, and 85 on Saturday!

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Well it wasn't to cold here today but we did have a little snow.

However they are forcasting warmer temperatures +7 and rain for tomorrow..

I am so excited

Where having a heatwave
A tropical heatwave
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We do!!! Its currently 47F outside and sunny: BUT................
while carrying up firewood this morning I noticed a little bit of water in our basement.

We NEVER have water in our basement but I think its due to the hugh snowbanks so close to the house so I shoveled frantically to move it about 6-8 ft away and have fans on the spot. Scooped up some water too that sitting on the frozen ground. Not a good time to happen, before we leave on vacation. Grr............
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Today was awesome, sunny and about 65 degrees!
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Its GORGEOUS here!
Almost ALL of the snow is melted & I can see my balcony/patio now! I also can now see GRASS!
Temps today were about 45*-50* I was thinking about taking the boys out on the patio tonight but I need to wash it off first
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columbus (well groveport) ohio here and it was absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!
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It was suppose to get up to the low 50's today. It's just nice to see the sun for a change!
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It was 75* out today - definitely made me not want to be at work!
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the weather for me was lovely, abit windy but sunny!
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Yes!! It has been so nice this week!!!

I am loving it and so are my kids and pets!!
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so much for it lasting! it's been storming for the past few hours here with heavy rain at times.

Hopefully tomorrow will be sunny though!
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It's so nice to be able to enjoy being outside again. The weather is beautiful here this morning!
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It was beautiful today here in central Florida-too bad I work in a cave! This weekend is supposed to be in the 80's. We were going to go to the beach till I found out there is a Warbird airshow going on, so I'll be dragging the man down there to wander around in the sun & look at the planes!
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We did! We had REALLY nice weather yesterday (for Chicago this time of year that is...) It was very sunny all day and almost 60 degrees. Unfortunately that's the warmest day we'll see for at least a week, according to the forecast.
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