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what can i do?

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Hey I feel kinda silly asking this, but what do u guys do with ur kitties scooped litter? Do you put it in the bin or throw it in the garden or what? we throw ours in the garden but I think it is getting a bit full now, so Im wondering what to do with it
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That is a hard one. I put in plastic bags & in the trash. I feel quite bad for doing it, but I can't think of any other way...
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We have a little upstairs porch right off of our bedroom.
I have a small plastic garbage can with a lid sitting out there.
When I scoop the boxes I put the used litter in a plastic bag, tie it shut and put it in that garbage can...which is lined with a kitchen garbage bag.
The garbage man goes on Wednesday morning so when hubby puts the garbage on the curb on Tuesday night I take the bag of used litter, put it in another bag and sit is next to the big can on the curb.
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Yeah my two boxes get scooped into plastic bags from the grocery store then put out in the garbage cans in the garage... when I was in college and the dumpsters were a treck from my apartment, I had a little trash can that was devoted to the bags of litter scoopings and I'd empty it when I was taking the rest of my trash to the dumpster... you could start using flushable litter if you like, then the scoopings can just go down the toilet
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I also put it in a plastic bag and then when it is time for th garbage to be taken out I put it all in a big garbage bag and take it out.

I used to buy the biodegradable pellets for my old cat and then dump it in the backyard but it got way too expensive. So now I use the regular litter and take it out with my garbage
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I don't like using so many plastic bag just because they are so environmentally unfriendly. I've gone to taking canvas bags to the grocery store and I buy the large, tub of kitty litter and use the tub to put litter waste into when it's empty. It's still plastic but maybe a bit less since I dump it into the trash receptacle or dumpster and reuse it a few times. I also often use paper bags since they are biodegradeable. Old fashioned lunch bags work fine for me and they are cheap. Another thing I've done is put it in a cardboard box. Of course when you use cardboard boxes, you have to take it out right away so nothing soaks through. Just some ideas...
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I use the wood pellets and it just goes in the trash with the rest.
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