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Sleeping problems

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Anyone else have this kind of issue or used to or know someone who does or did? lol.. I have a hard time getting to takes me quite a while, most often I dont get to sleep until very late at night/early in the am (12am-4am) and get up for work at about 10am 5 days a week for work. I work until 8pm. On my days off I've been going to sleep at the same times but not getting up until like 3-4pm. I just cant seem to get up on my days off. Does anyone have any helpful advice? I can't seem to break this cycle and its getting to be very depressing to me.
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I can only break the habbit if i drink a whole load of energy drinks and do an all nighter. My body adjusts to times quite easily if i have to wake up at 4 for a month, my body will always wake up at 4, even if the alarm hasnt gone off.
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I always have, I think my body is set to a different cycle since I typically stay up later. I can stay up late and get up early easier than going to bed early and getting up early (usually wake up in the middle of the night if I try that).

DH and I are on a schedule now that it is not a problem for us. I cut out caffeine in Janurary and can now get to sleep quicker - just not earlier. I don't try getting in bed till I'm tired, there's no point in letting yourself toss and turn.

Are there any other factors? Uncomfortable bed? Can't get your mind to quiet down? Try dimming the lights in your home a few hours before bed, that can help some since melatonin is light controlled. Maybe follow a schedule every night to help tell your body it's time to sleep?
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Not really any other factors as far as I know, its just I have a very hard time sleeping at night, have for a long time. It used to actually be worse (waking up when its dark, going to bed when its light) but I was forced to change that due to getting my job, but now its like I stay awake during the day only when I feel I have to for work. I try to get up in the early day when I don't have to work but I'll be up for like an hour or so and can't stand it anymore and go back to bed. I'm not sure what to do tonight to best try to fix it, all I can think of is try to pull an all nighter and grin and bear it through work tomorrow and then sleep when I get home.
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I used to do almost the same Identical thing...I started keeping b-12 by bed in the tablets that dissolve I would stick one under my tongue when I first woke usually about 9:30 am Id be out of bed by 10:30 am everytime!!
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Have you spoken to your doctor about it, maybe they could find a treatment for you or recommend a sleep clinic..
One of the people I work with actually attended a sleep clinic each night for several weeks and found it really improved his sleeping habits..

His problem was similar in that he couldn't get to sleep very easily, and felt tired all the time..As strange as it sounds one of his issues came from fluorescent lights. They told him that fluorescent lights fooled his body into thinking it was daytime..Dimming the lights about 3 hours before trying to sleep helped..

It might be something worth trying..
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I've always had problems falling asleep: my problem is is that my mind just won't shut down..

My doc put me on a light sleeping aid (Temezapam) and now I usually doze right off (unless I'm under a lot of stress). The nice thing about the Temezapam (sp?) is that it doesn't leave you with that groggy feeling the next day, and you're wide awake & alert the rest of the day.

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I've thought about going to a sleep clinic before, I told my doctor about my sleeping issues and all he suggested was a sleeping aid. Howerver, I've used sleeping aids before, including what the doctor told me was very powerful sleeping pills and they did next to nothing for me so he said it was useless to try it again. However, he did not recommend a sleep clinic, he didnt even bring up the idea for some reason. I guess I might bring it up at my next appointment. I have not tried dimming the lights in the apartment thing yet, I may try that tonight, although i doubt it will have much effect tonight for me since I've only been up for about 3 hours >.< I dont know what I'm going to do for tonight/tomorrow yet. Probably just stay up late and then get up for work and then try to go to bed early tomorrow night. Thanks for all the advice and tips guys
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The tips I've given you won't fix anything right away. It make take a few weeks to adjust your body to a better sleep schedule. But you won't know unless you seriously try.

Try other things to help relieve stress in the evening such as a nice long bath, listening to relaxing music, meditating, etc.
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From your work schedule it sounds like your real problem is sleeping too much on your days off. I wouldn't consider going to sleep at the time you do and waking up at 10 to be a problem... I get out of work at 10:30 and usually don't go to bed before 2 unless I have something to do in the morning. Usually get up at 8 or 9.

The first thing you should do is go to a doctor. You might have something going on that is causing your fatigue. I used to sleep in like it was my job, and then I started craving meat (which I don't eat) and had the doctor test me for iron-deficiency. And I was iron-deficient. Started taking vitamins and felt like a superhero the next day.

Being dehydrated can cause similar problems, as can a whole host of other things.
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It sounds like you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep which sounds like that Ambien CR commercial. I would go to a doctor before a sleep clinic so that the doctor can rule out a number of problems.

I take Trazadone but lately it has not been working as well. I am going to ask for Ambien CR next time I go to the doctor.
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i'm a night owl... have lots of difficulty falling asleep/getting drowsy, & never want to get up in the mornings. i take 6 mg of melatonin & 100mg 5-L-HTP each night [plus a couple of scripts for other things that have drowsiness as a side effect ] & those usually help me doze off.
now, once i'm asleep, i sleep quite soundly, & rarely wake up until the alarm goes off!
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