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A Minor Declaw Surgery

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Watch how a kitty heals from a minor declaw surgery

(This is NOT a debate....don't turn it into one, this thread can easily be locked or pulled from the forums)

Mom, can you get this thing off me?!?!

She can't hardly walk.
She can't get into the litterpan very well.
She can't stand on the water bowl to get a drink like normal.
Playing is impossible.
No getting up on the windowsills to enjoy the sunshine.
The other kitties chase her wanting her to play, she can't run away & if she stands still they'll pounce her to play.

Why people do this willingly is beyond me. She only had one claw done & that was only because she ripped it out. I've got the bathroom set up for her to have peace. For now, I'm letting her be out & about while I watch. I've put her up on the windowsill so she can enjoy some sun & heal in peace.

Tomorrow the bandage comes off, we'll see what her paw looks like then.
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Oh the poor love

I know how much it hurts if I just split a nail too far!

Hoping she recovers very soon so she can get that nasty bandage off her paw
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Awwww poor baby! Here' some quick healing coming your way sweetie.
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Oh, that poor baby. You're doing everything you can to keep her comfortable. Here are some vibes for a quick recovery...
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Feel better soon, Molly!
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aww the poor girl..I too know the pain of ripping a nail. can't imagine what a cat would feel
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Poor baby! Sending lots of "feel better soon" vibes for Molly!
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POor thing! they look so sad all bandaged up, but beautiful kitty otherwise!
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She somehow got the bandage off. Her paw is a nasty bloody mess. I've got to quarantine her, Squishy, & Bea. Fun, fun, fun!

She won't use yesterday's news, I don't think....but that's what I've got on hand so it'll have to do. She'll have to use the puppy's litter pan, too....that's all I've got.

I am not at all prepared for this....gonna haul her to the vet tomorrow to make sure her paw is OK.....it looks so nasty.
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Poor baby..... feel better sweetie

Her eye looks a little irritated, is she okay there?
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i'm guessing they didn't put in stitches?
my first cat, Medley, got stitches after her declaw. Pixel & Mouse had those sticky-tape bandages like yours. i think they really HATE having that sticky stuff on them!
[yes, i declawed all 3 of these - but i was younger & foolish & didn't know any better!]
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I can't tell if she has stitches. They just re-declawed Bea a little over a month ago & she has stitches, so I don't know.

Her eye, she has a damaged tear duct. It always weeps, I clean her eye 2x a day. Well, I forgot to tell them to do that at the vet, I do it without thinking. So she didn't get her eye cleaned 2x in a row. I wiped it off so it's not so crusty, but she still has the "wetness" look around the eye.
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Poor baby!!!

healing vibes for her!!!

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Awwww, poor girl! It sounds much more serious then a declaw procedure. If she had the operation from an injury to her paw, thats a different situation.
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Poor thing.
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poor little darling! sooo cute though
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Poor sweetheart! Lots of for quick healing.
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Awww.. get well soon Molly
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This was her paw yesterday/Friday/2 days post-op......

She's not doing as bad as I expected her to, but it's still nasty!
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poor little angel, i hope she heals up soon
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I really hope your cat gets better. My female cat was declawed before I adopted her after the previous owners gave her up. I have had her for eight years and she still seems to be in pain at times based on how she holds her paws expecially the right one.
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Poor kitty. I've seen them lose claws before, and you may never know how it happened, but it sure must have been painful. And it's almost a perfect prescription for infection.
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Oh for the love of God that looks so painful, the poor baby

Lots of healing for the poor baby
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Aww what a little sweetie she is!! Many healing For her!!
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Owie! Just reading her story hurts. I can't imagine the pain of having one's nail ripped off! Poor baby! For the litter, did you get special litter like Yesterday's News or Feline Pine? I had heard that those are better for post-op cats than regular clay litter.
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to beautiful Molly.

I don't know what it is about today - but I am feeling physically ill after going through this thread. I should've been prepared for it given the title. Poor baby.

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Well, I found her claw. She's an insane scratched & looks like that's what got her.

She was scratching & playing on her turbo scratcher last night. Rubbed all over my face all night & eventually draped across my head to sleep. That's my Molly Dolly.

Her paw doesn't seem to bother her much, she smacked a dog upside the head with the paw. Climbs up & down off the windowsill fairly easily.

Oh yes....and she's seperated from the other kits so she uses yesterday's news for litter instead of the chicken feed everyone else uses.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Well, I found her claw. She's an insane scratched & looks like that's what got her.
are you saying she pulled it off scratching on something?
glad to hear she's doing better & the pain is lessening
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Yes, it looks like she pulled it off scratching. I think it's more likely she damaged it somehow & it came off further when scratching.
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