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hyper, but not playful

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my cat is having the kitty crazies up to three times per night, which is fine with me b/c i like playing with him, but as soon as i take out the fishing pole toys he sits down and ignores them. i put them away, he runs around. i put a few area rugs down last weekend and sometimes he trips on them when he walks, which scares him. he runs around and meows. the nice thing about it is, he conks out when i'm ready to fall asleep. i need to find him a new toy, any suggestions? is the turbo scratcher loud? i live on the third floor and have someone below me now, which is why i put the rugs down.
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The Cat Dancer!!! It is the only toy that both my girls have not gotten sick of playing with EVERYDAY!!!! Da Bird is good too!!!
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Have you tried a laser pointer? Even my cats that don't really like toys much will chase the laser beam!
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Some kitties don't fall for the toy on a string thing. They look at it and you as if to say "Uhh, hello............You look like an idiot flipping around that thing as if I don't know it's you holding it.". Sometimes home made toys are the best. Foil balls, string spiders, card board boxes (always switch them up), shoe laces (especially leather), I've never seen a kitty that doesn't love the rabbit fur mice! It is great to encourage play and activity, for their health and especially being able to get a good nights sleep!
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