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Attn: Seniors and Baby Boomers!

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I'm doing a little research as I try to determine what my professional future is going to look like over the next decade or so. The industry I'm in is changing dramatically, and I don't think I want to be a list salesperson "when I grow up."

So here's my question, and I welcome any and all thoughts:

What types of products or services do you think would/will make your life easier as you move forward into the next couple of decades?

For example, there are a lot of businesses that cater to pet owners opening up - groomers that make housecalls might be one idea.

Your answers don't have to be pet related at all - I'm just looking to gather some ideas to assist in my own brainstorming.

Again, all thoughts are welcome, thanks!
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One slant to my landscaping/gardening business is to work in homeowners gardens because they are unable due to age/disabilites. Being 50 myself I am taking out some of my perennials and going with more ornamental grasses/shrub roses etc...

The medical fields will be popular!!
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I'll bet someone who could just trim rose bushes could make a living in this area! So many people can't or won't do it.
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I'm not a senior or baby boomer, but I would like to see a fast food place with a drive-through that serves fresh, whole, healthy food.
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Well, i would bet there is a business opportunity in New York state right now for one high priced call girl agency,

i think one just went out of business.

its idea, i never said it was a good one.
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
Well, i would bet there is a business opportunity in New York state right now for one high priced call girl agency,

i think one just went out of business.

its idea, i never said it was a good one.
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Some ideas that I can think of based on my current situation which I assume would be worse if I were a senior.

1. Bath assistance
2. House keeping (especially for difficult/heavy tasks like vacuuming furniture, cleaning ovens, fridges etc. Regular homecare doesn't do that kind of stuff)
3. Yard work IE: snow shoveling, gardening, raking leaves, trimming hedges etc.
4. Affordable home repair rates
5. Personal shopping
6. A companion to travel with to appointments such as doctor, shopping, hair appointment etc. Some seniors feel safer if someone is with them to assist them if needed
7. Weekly meal preparation
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Linda thought of a lot of the ones I was thinking!

Personal shopping, personal chef/healthy meal delivery
Occupational therapy/daily living training
Book/newspaper reader for those with sight issues
I really like the home repairs idea.
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These are great, thank you! Please keep 'em coming!

Questions on some of your suggestions:

When you say affordable, what hourly rate would you be willing to pay for housekeeping/companion/personal shopping services? How many hours would you want/need a day/week?

I know it would be great to just have folks take care of all our needs for free, but that's just not realistic, and I'm not talking about starting a non-profit...yet...although if I find the right cause, that would be a strong possibility.

I know that there are some companies starting up home concierge services in my area, but they cater to the more affluent, not the always too busy with a lower income range average Jane.

A friend and I have recently discussed starting up a home cleaning business, but there is actually a lot of competition out there, so we've been unsure about the feasability of it. It's very hard work, and we'd want lots of happy clients, but it costs money to find clients and to run a business.

Are there any companies out there that offer all three of those services? That might be an idea... We could call ourselves "The Helpers."

And the home repairs idea, what would you consider affordable? Skilled labor costs real money, and the costs of materials are skyrocketing along with everything else.

I think it really is all about service, rather than products. Products make your life easier, but having the right kind of help can too.

These are great, you've got me thinking, please throw some more at me - what would make life easier... If only there was... what?
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Prices would depend on where you are working. Different states, countries and provinces have different cost of living rates.

But things you would want to take into consideration would definitely be the pension amount that senior's typically get in your area. Of course you can't be giving away your services, but you could cater strictly to the aged population and base your rates on their income.

You might even want to look into taking advantage of their insurance plans if they have any. That way you could bill a portion to the insurance company and the senior would pay the difference. However, that is getting into complicated matters, one that I'm not sure you would be interested in doing or able to manage.
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