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woodstock i am not.. but.. ?.. 'kittyfest'?

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please to forgive me if i have 'entered' this forum wrongly... not sure how to do so.. but?.. i wished to share a most 'memorable'.. very 'humourous' TRUE story/experience in my life, one that.. well.. tells something of my 'family'!... i DID miss 'woodstock'.. however?..... made it to THIS 'festival'!~~~..


(by 'gata')

Felines-Cats-Kittens---All the same-Love 'em to death. If I believed in reincarnation, I'd say I was a cat in a previous life. A cat owner can have such a sense of delight, but on the other hand, a cat's people, or person, can be totally frustrated. Like today. I came home from school, loaded with books and a fresh bag of cat litter and could barely get in the door. Skitty's three little six-week-old black and white babies, about had terrorized my front hall. And their litter box!!!

Everything in my house is carpeted, except the front hall, so that's where the litter box is. Not too aromatic for welcoming a guest, but we very seldom have company. And besides, have you ever tried to get clay litter out of a carpet?

Now, understand the front hall. This is not a normal person's standard meaning of the "front hall". In our old farmhouse, with limited storage space and a very inconveniently accessible attic, our front hall is a catch-all. The "twilight zone"; where things can mysteriously disappear. Things--outgrown clothes going to Goodwill, old toys that have lost their appeal, but are still too neat to throw away, school awards and certificates to be put into scrapbooks on that non-existing rainy day, seasonal clothes you exchange in your closets and drawers that never make it to storage in the attic before you need them again. Three hundred square feet of miscellaneous THINGS!!!

Well, starting in the bottom fourth, about one and one half square foot of THINGS are missing in the precarious balance of the front hall closet. In less than five hours, they were rearranged, (into the litter box), resorted, ("This is mine, this is yours"), and redistributed, ("This in the litter box, this on the floor, this in the litter box, this on the floor"), by three little ornery, feisty, playful, inquisitive "mountain climbers"!! In their attempt to conquer "Mt. Hall Closet", the three miniature "Cat-a-Tears" have wreaked havoc in their little suburb of my house!

At first glance, it appears a riot has taken place, but on closer inspection and with a deeper sense of realization, you know that "Kitty Fest 9/12" has been a big success!

The event has taken its toll, however. The exhausted kittens eat lunch and lazily sink to the floor. Energy depleted but tummies full, they welcome the world of sleep and dreamland, chasing catnip and mice effortlessly, as their small tired bodies recharge themselves. They awaken, refreshed, energetic and ready to tackle the next new unexplored horizon that awaits their questioning innocence.

And while they enjoy their nap? Their dubiously proud owner spends the rest of the day trying to repair the damage and mess created during their fun adventurous afternoon.
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:laughing: Welcome to The Cat Site Forums, Gata. Do you write for a living?
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That was funny and very well written... Thanks for sharing that (and I think it was posted in the right place too - though it is definitely literary enough for the litreture forum!

By the way, is the mother spayed? Now is just the time for her to be taken to be fixed.
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thank you both for the welcome and the enjoyment it appears you got from 'kittyfest'..

unfortunately, i have not achieved that goal of mine.. to write for a living.. however, with the encouragement and support of some very good friends, i am about to embark on that journey!..

i am not able to have any of my 'feline friends' at this time, but anticipate when i can share my household with them again.. although none are in my hands at this time.. they will never leave my heart, and soul..

i feel as if i have been most blessed, by finding this site.. for all of its offerings!... thank you anne, for making it possible!..
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That was so well written and expressed. Did this kittyfest happen recently? I just love tux kittens/cats (who am I kidding? If it meows and purrs, I love them all).

I just love kittens because they are explorers in a new world, staking their claim and look as though they are having a blast doing it.

Oh, I want another kitten in the household! Don't you wish their was a way to keep them that size?
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KITTY FEST Stole my heart. . . .

Welcome to The Cat Site from one who loves to tell Cat Tales to another. I am looking forward to reading many, many more of your DELIGHTFUL posts.

Thanks for joining us. . . .
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That was wonderful! I am so glad that you posted that! Welcome aboard!
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