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Rupy's baby pictures- 1 Week old!!!

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These are our sweet babies born one week ago today. Mother and kittens are all doing fabulous and getting along well. We have 3 males, tabbies, and one black female with tuxedo markings. I'm so in love!

I hope you love them as much as I do!!
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Put in the [ img ] [ /img ] urls.
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Aww! So sweet.
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omg they are so sweet! I love how the tabbies have the little white paws.
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AWW! So cute! The little tuxedos are precious!
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I know, I love their white paws! I would like to keep two of them, but I think I am pushing my husband with keeping one!!! The little boy tabby with the most white on his face is my favorite. He is the very first picture and the very last picture in the sequence of singe kitties. He never cries and he already will roll over on his back when I hold him for a tummy rub... The others are like, yikes!!! MEW MEW MEW!!!!!!! He is so chubby and sweet I just love him. I would also like to keep the female because her markings are different from my other cats, and I think she is just soo cute with the white beside her nose!

One question, can anyone tell if they are going to be long haired yet??? They look so fluffy to me!
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I was going to ask the same question because the tom that I think bred with my cat was longhaired.
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I'd love for some of mine to be long-haired! Especially the calicos, because then they would look so much like my first cat, my sweet long-haired calico named Cindy. I miss her!
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i know! Growing up I had a long-haired Grey Maine coon mix, she was the sweetest thing ever, her name was Scarlett O'hara, O'hara for short. I love long haired kitties and both of mine right now are short haired so I would love to have a long haired one as well!
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Awww, they are all gorgeous!
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cute little kittens.
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oh my goodness, they are adorable!!
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They are way too cute. I want a kitten.
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Cute! I love their little paws!
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Oh my stars!!! I think I am going to faint from the cuteness!!!

Here gooooooeeeess:

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Originally Posted by catlover19 View Post
They are way too cute. I want a kitten.
Oh good! I have 4, I'll save you one!!!!
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You got a Tuxedo Kitty!
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Oh, they are so adorable. I love the little white paws and pink nose on the last one.
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they are all so cute
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OMG I'm in love
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What sweeties.
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