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Stupid question

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I know this is a stupid question, but I have to ask. A little bit of vaginal bleeding is normal the day after birth, right? Rags has a little bright red blood around the vagina and she licks it off occasionally.

I think I answered my stupid question. I found this :
"The mother and her litter should be examined by a veterinarian within 24 hours after the delivery is completed. This visit is to check the mother for complete delivery and to check the newborn kittens. The mother may receive an injection to contract the uterus and stimulate milk production.

The mother will have a bloody vaginal discharge for 3-7 days following delivery. If it continues for longer than one week, she should be examined by a veterinarian for possible problems."
at http://www.sniksnak.com/cathealth/breeding.html

My new stupid question is, should I take Rags and the babies to the vet today? I don't want to stress her. The only thing that concerns me is that I thought she was still in labor for a little while after the last baby came out, but then she stopped doing that and seems fine now.
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Yes, it is normal, and probably shows more because of her white fur! Keep an eye on her, if it becomes excessive and doesn't taper off after a day or two, give your vet a call. He may want you to bring her in to be sure she hasn't had any uterine tearing. I'm sure she is fine!
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Thanks very much! I'm just a mother hen with my furbabies!
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I noticed this too and was going to ask the same question. I'm glad it's normal.
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I had noticed internet sites saying you should take mom and kittens in to the vet the day following delivery for a checkup, so I ran it past my mom, who has successfully brought a large number of kittens into this world, and she laughed a lot. Her feeling is that unless you feel that something is wrong, there's no need. Just trust your instincts.

Just my opinion, though, and my mom's.
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Thanks, that's kind of what I thought!
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She will bleed for a few days, and there will be spots of blood, oh about the size of quarters, but only a few per day, as I recall.
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